xbox 360 vpnWith the advent of technology, gadget manufacturers have endeavored on enhancing hardware and software to perfect their respective masterpieces. On the other hand, ISP’s and games developer have devised ways to restrict end users from utilizing all the online services they provide. Should you be among those living in a select few countries where internet access is restricted, you will neither access all the video games you wanted to play nor be able to download all the content you prefer. This is simply because of the geo-limitations imposed by law on your ISP by virtue of your location. Hence, your ISP is left without a choice but to censor such access. And you simply are left with no choice but to comply. Learn about XBox 360 VPN.

VPN for Xbox 360

This restriction has left you being unable to access video games you have been dying to have on your newly acquired Xbox 360 or get any sort of downloads for your overall entertainment pleasure. At this juncture, allow me to share with you a surefire guarantee to circumvent this restriction, this is thru the help of – VPN for Xbox 360!

Should you be an Xbox 360 aficionado, you should consider subscribing to the best VPN service for Xbox 360 today. Online security is just as crucial even while playing games online. VPN or Virtual Private Network is rendered the most secured client to obtain access to your game server of choice sans the fear of data theft and any valued information getting compromised in cyberspace in the hands of cyber-criminals.

Xbox 360 – a great console

The brand spanking new Xbox 360 is indeed an amazing gaming console system ever created. Since its launch, customers and followers the world over revealed in its high-end features and straightforward interface. As a matter of fact, this console is the second version and is a truly developed edition as opposed to its predecessor. It has very much toppled down the market for gaming consoles and has made a mark in the video gaming field.

Why use VPN on your Xbox?

Subscribing to a VPN for Xbox 360 can prove very helpful as it will open the gateway to online gaming sites where access is restricted in some parts of the world. By enrolling in a VPN account, you can easily bypass internet censorship imposed upon your location. And you can have a grand time gaming to your heart’s content!

With your Xbox 360 VPN, you can enjoy Netflix wherever you are, download wallpapers, play online games, and stay interactive as much as you can without being restricted geographically speaking.

Comparable to the way you connect to the internet utilizing your desktop computer or laptop using VPN services, you may connect to the VPN servers with your Xbox 360 games console too. This way the ISPs will not track your activity and or ascertain your identity. The freedom and anonymity provided by your reliable VPN service provider can aid you to connect online and play your favorite game. You might even gain entry to the best file sharing sites and download the game you have been always eyeing out but could not afford to buy online.

How to set up an Xbox 360 VPN

For you to accomplish all these, you simply need an Xbox 360, wireless router, laptop with LAN and Wi-Fi slot, Ethernet cable, and your VPN account.

To utilize VPN on your Xbox 360:

  • connect it to your laptop using Ethernet cable
  • connect to the web
  • set up VPN network to allow other devices to connect which will allow your video gaming device into the VPN network.

Once you are connected, you may now access content online, play games, and download whatever you like online securely and without fear of jeopardizing essential personal information on the cyberspace ever again!

Xbox 360 VPN providers

As the VPN setup for the Xbox involves your laptop or your router you may use almost any VPN providers. Here is my list of favorite providers:

VPN ProviderStarting Price
HideMyAssfrom $11.52/month
ibVPNfrom $4.95/month
HideIpVPNfrom $5.95/month
NordVPNfrom $11.95/month
PureVPNfrom $9.95/month

Do you know other good providers that you are using with your Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments below.