The How-to-hide-ip blog posts always showed you how to access some restricted online resources from different devices, whether it is iPad, Xbox, Android, iPhone or your computer. There’s one thing that is great with that approach. It goes directly to one pain area and addresses one specific issue similar to the following: I have a PS3, how do I play online games with some other folks on the internet without being banned since I’m based in a country where it’s not allowed to do so. Learn the things to do with VPN subscription.

Why limit yourself?

Let’s turn things the other way round. Let’s suppose that you have already invested (or are willing to invest) into a VPN subscription (ExpressVPN, ibVPN, HideMyAss, NordVPN or PureVPN are great options by the way). You may have bought the VPN so as to watch Hulu or watch BBC iPlayer while you are on the go.

But my question to you is: why should you limit yourself to those “usual” service when there’s a lot more to discover. You’ve already paid the subscription, haven’t you? So there’s no additional fee to pay for watching/doing something else (unless you want to access some premium services).

So here are few things to do with VPN subscription:

Overcome internet censorship

Some regular sites like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter can’t be accessed from your computer due to some censorship? Why not try to overcome it with a VPN solution. If that doesn’t work, go for a proxy solution (that are now usually sold with your VPN subscription).

Watch movies

Here you can access services like Hulu or Netflix. In some countries, services like Youtube’s Vevo (or even the simple Youtube) can’t be accessed. A VPN solution is the right solution.

Watch TV

Watch TV (or catch-up with some missed episode of your favorite series): in the UK, the usual platform for watching TV online is BBC’s iPlayer. But you also have Channel4’s programs that you can watch on 4oD. Zattoo is also an online TV solution where you can watch actual TV shows from multiple TV stations by broadcasting it live.

Listen to online radio

Listen to online radio: Pandora is a great resource for that. But then you can also service like Spotify that delivers great music (from pop-stars to alternative music).

Use Chatroulette

Have fun, meet people and play games online: Have fun with Chatroulette.

Unblock VoIP applications

You probably have those VoIP applications already installed on your computer so as to ease the communications when traveling. However, in some countries, those VoIP applications work no more. This is where a VPN solution may come handy.

This list isn’t surely exhaustive, but you get the idea. With a simple VPN subscription or a PS3 proxy, you open new horizons and can access a lot of online services that were only meant for residents of specific countries. And in case you’re worried about the subscription scheme, you may be interested in knowing that you can only buy for a one month access so as to check if you want to renew it or not.

Anyway, you’ve now opened your eyes to what can be done with the VPN solution you’ve just bought. And in case you haven’t bought it yet, you now have a broader view of what can be done.

What are the things to do with VPN subscription? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.