Samsung Galaxy VPNAs a lot of people have been craving on portability these days, tablets became so sizzling hot. Along with the widespread tablet-craze came the need to set up the best VPN on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. People have now recognized the fact that surfing the web on your tablet is no more different than doing it on a desktop computer or laptop. Hence, the dangers and vulnerabilities are just the same. So, ensuring your device is completely protected is therefore paramount. Learn about Samsung Galaxy VPN.

What is a VPN good for?

The use of a VPN assures that your online transfers and communications shall remain anonymous at all times. The encryption system shall include tunneling your entire connection thru a VPN server. Via this process, all interception attempts are defeated in so much as the vital data and information are hidden with the aid of the superseding identity of the VPN server. Hence, no one can be able to tell your actual location or have access to your data online. In comparison to VPN, other technologies fail in terms of security and privacy, plus affording you lightning speed connection and browsing capabilities as well.

Now, at this point, you have to decide on the best VPN for your Samsung Galaxy Tablet. You should consider first and foremost where the server is located, does it have servers based in US and UK, for instance. You also would like to check on the speed and security your VPN service provider will supply you. This is essential in case you want to spend a lot of time using your Samsung Galaxy Tablet surfing the web, or streaming online media as the case may be. Lastly, you need to go for a reliable VPN service that won’t cost you an arm or a leg so to speak. The best VPN for Samsung Galaxy Tablet ought to be cost-effective.

How to setup Galaxy VPN

Once you have decided on your VPN service provider, it’s time to set up VPN on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

In order to set-up your Galaxy VPN, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, click on ‘Home’ icon, go to ‘Menu’, and proceed to ‘Settings,’
  2. Click on ‘Wireless & Networks,’
  3. Next, click on ‘VPN Settings’
  4. Click Add VPN
  5. Then choose the kind of VPN to add (PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN, L2TP/IPsec CRT VPN)
  6. Supply all VPN details required such as VPN name, VPN server, etc (the mandatory settings will depend on the kind of VPN selected).

At this juncture, you might want to connect to the web using your VPN, here’s how to –

  1. Click on ‘Home’ icon, go to ‘Menu’, and proceed to ‘Settings,’
  2. Next, click on ‘Wireless & Networks,’
  3. Click on ‘VPN Settings’
  4. The VPN connection you have created is now listed
  5. Click on the VPN client you wish to connect to
  6. A dialog box shall eventually open asking for your log-in credentials, enter them in the fields provided and tap to connect.

Every time you are connected to a VPN, you will see an ongoing notification in the Status bar on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Should you get disconnected, you will then receive a notification and an option to go back to the ‘VPN Settings’ area. If you wish to disconnect, just open the notifications panel, click on VPN notification, then click on disconnect.

Surfing the World Wide Web using a tablet can be very hazardous. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy VPN, now you can rest assured that all your communications and online data transfers are kept secure.