If you are not willing or you don’t have sufficient rights to install software on the computer you use for browsing there are only 3 options you can use to hide your IP address and browse anonymously. Learn how to hide your IP address without installing any software.

1. Web Proxies

A web proxy is basically a website that acts as an intermediate between you and the site you visit. You enter the address/URL of the site you want to visit in a text box, press the Submit/Go button and then the proxy asks for the site/page to the webserver where the site/page is located. This way the site you visit is not able to log your real IP address, but the IP of the proxy.

Hide your IP address with a web proxy

This method is very useful to unblock sites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc., in schools or at work where such sites are filtered.

There are plenty of proxies you can use. Just google “free web proxy“, “unblock myspace“,  “unblock facebook“, etc. and you’ll get what you need. 

2. Proxies

The second solution involves some manual configuration. You need to set up your browser to use a certain proxy. The configuration is not difficult. Here is how to do it for Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari:

Now, you need a proxy. There are a lot of sites that list fresh proxies, but finding a good one is a difficult task. Here are several sites where you can start looking:

  • SamAir.ru
  • Proxy4free.com
  • ProxyList.net

3. VPN Services with PPTP protocol

The third option is to look for VPN services that use PPTP protocol, such that they do not require any software installation, just some Windows configuration (you may not have sufficient administrative rights to be able to do this). Here is how to configure Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Some VPN services that use the PPTP protocol are: