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Are you using HideIPVPN and you are not completely happy with it? This post lists 7 good HideIPVPN alternatives for unblocking websites and browse the Internet anonymously. If you know other good VPN providers please share them in the comments.

HideIPVPN alternativesHideIPVPN is a great VPN provider. Here is what I appreciate the most to HideIPVPN:

  • The simplicity of the VPN apps. They do what are supposed to do in a smooth fashion.
  • The speed of the VPN connection.
  • The fact that it offers access to SoftEther VPN protocol.

Why would you look for HideIPVPN alternatives?

HideIPVPN offers access to servers located United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and France. If you are looking for more locations or more sophisticated options like DoubleVPN or TorOverVPN you need to look somewhere else.

How to look for alternatives?

Take a look to the list below or simply search Google. You will find plenty of HideIPVPN alternatives. Do not jump to the first one that looks good! Take your time and look for user reviews and reviews written by bloggers. These will help you make an informed choice.

7 HideIPVPN alternatives – Top VPN providers

I have selected 7 good providers that may offer what you need: an extended number of servers, good support and good connection speed.

VPN Provider Price Pros
HideMyAss $11.32/month Excellent service, huge server network
NordVPN $10.95/month Large number of servers, nice extra features
PureVPN $9.95/month Large number of servers, good service
ibVPN $4.95/month Good price, good support, good servers
ExpressVPN  $12.95/month Fair price, good support
PrivateInternetAccess $6.95/month Good price, good support
VyprVPN $9.95/month Good price, excellent servers, good support

Additional tips

HideIPVPN provides a smooth VPN service for a good price. When switching to an alternative provider it may happen that you are not happy with the one you picked.

My advice is to create a subscription for the smallest period available (one or 3 months). Thus, you will be able to fully test the alternative service before committing to a longer billing agreement.

Please share your experience HideIPVPN and its alternatives in the comments below.

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  • Andy Aug 8, 2017

    I have used HideIPVPN for a while. It is a good service, but offers limited locations. I am now using ibVPN and Nordvpn. They are excellent HideIPVPN alternatives.

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