If you are not happy with the speed and connectivity provided by free VPN services, you can get free VPN accounts from premium VPN providers.

The advantage of such an account is that the servers used are not overcrowded and it is more likely to get decent speed and quality. Moreover, most of the free VPN that have US IPs (including Hotspot Shield) is blocked by Hulu. So, it’s possible to get free accounts that can be used to unblock all kinds of restricted websites, including Hulu.Get Free VPN Accounts From Premium Providers

I have performed a research and found 2 VPN providers that offer free accounts in exchange for some promotion for their service: HideIpVPN and AceVPN.

Free accounts from HideIpVPN

HideIpVPN is a new VPN service that offers US and UK accounts. If you are a blogger, a webmaster, you have a Twitter account with many followers or you are a recognized member of some online forum you can get free UK/US VPN account from them. All you have to do is to write a review of the service on your website, blog or forum and here you are.

Here are the requirements:

  • The review must be written by you and not copied from other websites.
  • The blog must have at least PageRank 2
  • The review must contain a link (dofollow) to hideipvpn.com.
  • The length of review content should be between 150-400 words.
  • The review can be in any language

If you are interested or have other promotion ideas you can contact them at contact [at] hideipvpn.com. Before you write the review they can offer you a trial account.

More details you can find here.

Free accounts from AceVPN

AceVPN is a VPN service that offers US (Colorado, Illinois, California) and Europe (UK, France) VPN accounts. In order to get free VPN accounts, you need to meet conditions similar those of HideIPVPN.

If you are a webmaster, blogger or a recognized member of some online forum, you can write about AceVPN on your website, blog or forum to get an invite to Ace VPN service for FREE.


  • The content must be written by you and not copied from somewhere else
  • You can put the review on the index page or any other secondary page. The write up should remain on the site as long you are using the FREE VPN service
  • The review must have a direct link (dofollow) to any page on acevpn.com
  • The write up must be at least 150 words
  • The write up can be in any language

More details you can find here.

Have you been able to get free VPN accounts? Are they useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Important! Both services have restrictions related to the P2P/torrent traffic. So, if you are interested in this it is not used to write a review.

Update: ibVPN also offers free VPN accounts for bloggers and newsletter subscribers.