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Update 5/16/2011 – The TheFreeVPN service is not available anymore! You should check other hide IP tools.

TheFreeVPN is a new free service that lets users surf the web privately also allowing them to bypass internet censorship. Unfortunately, it comes with a price: annoying ads.

Main features

With TheFreeVPN you can:

  • Access blocked websites from within a corporate environment.
  • Watch,,, from anywhere.
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices and ISP hubs.
  • Hide your IP address for your privacy online.

Get started

To get started all you need to do is to install the FreeVPN client software from the website and select one of the available VPN servers to get connected anonymously. You can choose from 3 US servers (one special for watching Hulu), 3 UK servers and 1 Canada server (this is the only free Canada VPN that I know!).



After connecting to a server you can check your IP address on XMyIP. Below, you can see the results for the Canada server.

thefreevpn 3

The dark side

TheFreeVPN is not completely free. The client that you install changes your browser homepage to and every time you open the browser or a new tab you are redirected to a certain ad page. This is quite annoying!

To be honest, I prefer completely free VPN accounts (with no extra features 🙂 ) like the accounts offered by Anyway, for those seeking for free Canadian VPN, TheFreeVPN is a great solution!

Important! This service is only available for Windows operating systems.

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  • elog Dec 11, 2009

    1 more

  • Metodios Dec 21, 2009

    They are not serious,suspicious and malicios.I will never use them.They think that if they offer a free service they can do anythink they want.They can keep their service.Shame on them!

  • Metodios Dec 21, 2009

    Oh,I forgot,I already have other free alternatives,much better and serious,who treat people with respect…which they never heard of!If they will keep with this behavior,they will lose all their users,some of them,including me,already left!

  • Online Filme Jan 30, 2010

    I do not recommend this service.
    The ads are driving one crazy.
    But Canadian IP is the only good thing about it

  • johnb700 Feb 15, 2011

    There are NO Canadian VPN available, anymore….

  • David John May 18, 2011

    Hi, I used a free hotspot shield VPN service from canada , it is also PPTP based, no need to install any kind of software, pretty convenient and it is 100% canada IP, FYI.

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