SEO Proxy & SEO VPNAre you making a living as an online marketer, promoting websites, building backlinks or performing other SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) related activities? This article is for you! You will find below an excellent list of reliable SEO proxy and VPN services that will be of great help.

Why you need SEO proxies or VPNs

Most of the services that are targeted by online marketing have anti-spam blocking systems that prevent the creation of multiple accounts, posting comments or other similar tasks. Thus, if you work for an SEO agency or as a freelancer and want to:

  • Post on Craigslist from various US cities daily.
  • Upload videos to YouTube from multiple accounts.
  • Use Magic Submitter (SEO software) to build backlinks.
  • Post many blog comments.
  • Create numerous social media accounts.
  • Change your IP to a US one to see CPA offers.
  • Check keywords rank on different search engines using SEO tools.
  • Connect through gateways all over the country (US or UK).
Then, you need to change your real IP address several times a day with IPs from different locations and countries.

The Solution

You need an IP changer solution that fulfills the following conditions:

  • It exposes many IP addresses (probably more than 500).
  • It offers many locations in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.
  • It’s easy to use, and the IPs can be switched on the fly.
  • Residential IP addresses may be an advantage.
  • The price is reasonable ($5-$15/month).

Next, there are two types of services you can choose from: VPNs (Virtual Private Network) and proxies, that are a little bit different from the technological point of view but both useful for online marketers. Take a look below for the best SEO proxy and VPN providers.

SEO VPN Services

HideMyAss – With HMA you can get access to over 33,500 IPs in 51 countries for about $11/month. You can set a VPN to rotate your IP address however often you want. The downside is that they are highly accessible and the IPs are sometimes overused.

ibVPN – Affordable VPN service (starts at $4.95/month) with different packages and options. Servers are located in 12 countries with 1000+ IPs most of them for US servers.

StrongVPN – Lots of IPs (9000+) in 20 countries. Excellent speed, great support, prices are a little high. The same as HMA, StrongVPN has many users, and the IPs are “crowded.”

Other good services: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, PrivateInternetAccess.

SEO Proxy Services

LocaProxy – Provides reliable proxies servers in Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, the United States from $19.95/month.

Proxy Bonanza – Offers premium SOCKS5 and HTTP private proxy servers both shared and dedicated.

Proxy Hub – Offers semi-dedicated and dedicated private proxy packages starting from $10 per month. Servers are located in the USA and Europe, and you can use up to 100 threads per proxy.

SquidProxies – Provides private proxies for SEO and shared proxies that are locked to your IP, so no username and password are necessary.


If you are working in the SEO industry, you surely need to change your local IP address to ones from all over the World. By using proxies for SEO and/or VPN, you can quickly achieve this for less than $20/month, sometimes less. If you are interested in VPN and proxy promos, drop an eye on the following list.

P.S. If you use other right IP changing solution feel free to share it in the comments.