Google Chrome Proxy ExtensionsThere are plenty of Chrome extensions for anonymous browsing available in the Chrome Web Store. Probably more then you may now find for Firefox. They can be used to browse the Internet privately and securely.

Prerequisites for Using Google Chrome proxy extensions 

It is highly recommended to talk about some salient points to consider when using proxy extensions on your browser of choice.

To begin with, go with the ones that provide you with a simple user interface. It ought to be supporting all websites that you access on every day but are not capable to do it because of the geo-location restrictions.

These websites may consist of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and more. Also, you must consider speed if you opt to utilize one of the proxy add-ons extensions for Chrome below.

Having above-mentioned points in mind, you will find the most popular proxy extensions/add-ons for Chrome web browser.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful I was able to find. If you know others feel free to share them in the comments.

1. ibVPN

ibVPN is a proxy extension provided as an additional service from the VPN provider. It simply connects the browser to proxies from different locations, thus changing the visible IP address. The search of locations is nicely implemented as you can even look for streaming channels to unblock.

Chrome Extensions for Anonymous Browsing

You may create a 6-hour free trial account in order to test the service before creating a subscription.

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a beautiful proxy extension that you can easily use to change your IP address and unlock streaming channels. Also, it reduces websites and advertisers ability to track you and secures your browser on public WiFi. It is one of the greatest Chrome extensions for anonymous browsing.

3. Free Web Proxy

This extension exposes a web proxy list that will keep you hidden at all times from network monitoring. You can unblock popular social networking sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites. It offers free web proxy, anonymous web proxy. Free and simple to use.

4. Proxy Switchy!

Proxy Switchy! is an advanced proxy manager for Google Chrome, it allows users to manage and switch between multiple proxy profiles quickly and easily.

Proxy Switchy! allows you to:

– Manage and switch between multiple proxy profiles.
– Change the proxy configuration of Chrome and IE in one click.
– URL based switch rules.
– Change LAN and VPN/Dial-up proxy settings.
– Quickly add rules for currently active websites.
– Quick proxy switch between two profiles or cycle all profiles.
– Online rule list support (AutoProxy compatible).
– Export switch rules as PAC/RuleList file.
– Backup/Restore options.
– Proxy change monitoring.

Chrome Extensions Proxy

5. Easy proxies

Easy proxies use proxies from It’s simple: write address, select proxy and go!

Chrome Extensions Easy

+1:  Chrome SwitchProxy

This particular proxy calls for several clicks, the minimum being six in order to start the proxy.

You can do this by simply –

  1. Go to Tool menu >
  2. Then Options >
  3. Under the hood >
  4. Change proxy settings >
  5. LAN settings >
  6. Use proxy > 

You can run the entire process by simply clicking on your mouse. Furthermore, it likewise enables end-users to edit, modify, or configure the proxy server to suit their online browsing needs.

To conclude, if you want to change or hide your IP address while browsing the Internet with Google Chrome you need an extension that easily provides access to proxies. Choose one from the above list or directly from the Google Web Store. Enjoy!