How to unblock Netflix US in EuropeIn case you are traveling to Europe or Canada anytime soon for a vacation, you may want to watch some Netflix US TV shows or movies in your PC, laptop or any portable devices during some travel downtime while you are billeted in some top-notch hotel. Learn how to unblock Netflix US.

Nonetheless, you cannot stream American Netflix while in Europe or Canada. Since Netflix US is only available to PC or devices that operate under an American IP address, you will get a Netflix proxy error while accessing Netflix from outside US. There are several ways to fake your current location and get a US IP address, and I am going to present them thoroughly.

Why would you want to unblock Netflix US?

First of all, even you have access to a local version of Netflix (take Netflix Germany or Netflix Finland for example), you will not have the same content as the original, US-based, website. It is a matter of copyright and content distribution in different parts of the World. Also, there are significant delays between the premiers on Netflix US and the availability of local networks. These are sufficient reasons to wish unrestricted access to the original Netflix streaming site.

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Access Netflix US using VPNs

What exactly is a Virtual Private Network? How can it help me stream Netflix US media and content from my hotel in Europe?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is similar to a proxy server, in case you have heard of that. You may have heard that due to some constraints, you can not stream Netflix content in Europe using a proxy as they are now blocked. VPN’s are in fact the best way that will work for you to obtain access to Netflix instantly outside the US. I had a hand at using it when I paid my brother in Germany a visit. He just can’t believe it, but it’s true – he sees USA movies and TV shows right before his very eyes while in Berlin!

For just $5 – 10 dollars a month or so you can obtain a VPN subscription without any problems and have a denominated US IP address for your account. VPN’s are a great way to bypass any internet censorship, which may be attributed to one’s geographic location or country IP address. As you cloak your IP address by getting a new one (all US-based), Netflix will assume your computer or laptop is in the USA, and thereby grant it access to streaming media from the United States.

VPN services to unblock Netflix US

There is a wide array of affordable VPN services available on the web today. But only those that have US IP addresses are specifically what you’ll need for this purpose. If you wish to watch Netflix content where you are at the moment, then VPN’s are a right way to go.

In case you need suggestions on the VPN to choose, you may take a look below at the providers that I recommend (personally tested). They all offer an extended number of server locations, money back guarantee, fast servers, unlimited bandwidth, strong encryption, simultaneous connections, and good connection speed.

Netflix VPN ProviderPriceBandwidth
Private Internet Access$6.95/monthUnlimited

Access Netflix US using SmartDNS

SmartDNS is a modern way to unblock restricted websites. A SmartDNS service tricks geo-blocked sites to see a user from the right location. In the case of Netflix, such a service can make the streaming site see you as being in the US. As simple as that.

Comparing to VPNs, Smart DNS is significantly faster as it does not encrypt the traffic data. The streaming speed depends only on the user’s Internet connection. Thus, if you have a decent bandwidth with your ISP, then you will not have any streaming delay while accessing American Netflix.

I am not going to enter into technical details regarding the way SmartDNS works as you don’t have to know. 🙂

There are no crucial differences between the SmartDNS providers, so you should probably go for the cheapest. I use ibDNS provided by ibVPN. They offer ibDNS for $4.95/month, but you may get the Total VPN package for $7.95/month with included access to ibDNS.

Unblock Netflix US using proxies

Proxies are another way to get access to a US IP and thus allowing you to access Netflix US. The setup is quite simple, and the streaming speed is acceptable. The downside is that they are not quite reliable and you may find them accessible or blacklisted (as online marketers and spammers heavily use them).

If, by any chance, you are not able to subscribe to a VPN or a SmartDNS service you may try the following Netflix proxy services:

Proxy Hub – Offers private proxy packages starting from $10 per month. Servers are located in the USA and Europe.

LocaProxy – Provides HTTP proxies in Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, the United States from $19.95/month.

SquidProxies – Provides private proxies and shared proxies that are locked to your IP, so no username and password are necessary.

How to unblock US Netflix access on Apple TV

Unblock Netflix US Apple TVYou may have heard of the new Apple TV being launched not too long ago. One of the most noteworthy features on your new HDTV is the integration of Netflix that lets you stream away utilizing your new flat screen in the most convenient yet trendy way. Should you be living in the United States you can stream in no time; the problem begins if you are residing outside US, Europe, or in Asia where your access to the popular streaming media is blocked.

With a VPN connection (pick one from the above list), you can have access to Netflix for peanuts and enjoy streamable content and titles that are available solely to US residents only. You can check the following list of quality yet affordable VPN services that will allow you to connect to several servers all over the globe! The good thing about Netflix is you don’t need to have an American issued credit card to be able to sign up for an account. Ensure though that you make use of a five (5) digit zip code and you may use any valid credit card you have.

Hook up your Apple TV to VPN

Now, that you have obtained your VPN account, and you are all set to go. However, the problem arises because your new Apple TV does not have a VPN client tool to hook it up online. So, what is your remedy? For you to connect to a VPN client, you must do it outside the Apple TV.

The best way to unblock Netflix US Apple TV is to get a wireless router that can connect straight into any VPN services online. It can be tricky because not all routers can connect to VPNs. You should choose a DD-WRT router that is simple to configure and setup your VPN. Log on and once connected to the member dashboard of your VPN client, follow these instructions below.

Make sure you have your Apple TV location configured and preset to the US from the settings so that Netflix app will turn up once connected. Indeed, you will need the same configuration settings so you can stream from outside the USA on your Apple TV2. Every time you sign in to your Netflix account from your computer, be sure you are connected to your VPN account as well; this is to ensure that your signup will work. Netflix will automatically check your location for the last step, and once it detects that you are not based in the US, your entire signup will not work. That’s it! You are all set and can stream away Netflix on your new Apple TV 2  24/7 even if you are in Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, or Finland.

How to watch Netflix or Hulu on your Boxee Box (PPTP VPN Setup)

1. You need a US VPN

Firstly, you need to get access to a US VPN service (take a look at the above list). There are plenty of good VPN services with prices from $4 to $15 per month, but you need to make sure you choose one that offers connections via PPTP protocol.

2. Setup PPTP VPN on Boxee Box

Secondly, follow the step below to set up your Boxee Box VPN:

1. When you log in to Boxee, you have presented the Home screen.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 1

2. Press the Options button on the remote control, to bring up the Navigation menu.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 2

3. Press the Up arrow on the remote, to highlight the Settings icon. Press Ok on the remote to select this.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 34. Hit the Right arrow on the remote a few times to highlight the Network option. Choose this by pressing Ok. On the Network Settings screen which appears, press the Down arrow on the remote several times, to highlight VPN.

5. On the right-hand side, press Ok over the Server box, and enter the name of the server you want to connect to (you get this info when you subscribe to the VPN service).

6. Enter your VPN username and the VPN password into the Account and Password boxes, and then double check that the Encryption required box is selected.

Boxee Box VPN - Step 4

To sum up:

Connection Type: PPTP
Server: IP address or server name
Account: VPN username
Password: VPN password
Encryption required: Enable (Checked). (If this is disabled, VPN will fail to connect.)

7. Finally, click Connect. After a few seconds, it will change to Disconnect, indicating a successful VPN connection on your Boxee Box!


There are a lot of good solutions to unblock restricted websites (e.g., Netflix US). They allow you to access your favorite TV shows and movies online wherever in Europe, whenever you want without breaking the bank.


P.S. While traveling in Europe you may have access to local versions of Netflix with specific content and limitations. As of March 2015 the following European countries or regions have their own Netflix channel:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Nordic countries (except Iceland)
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Thus, even if you don’t get access to Netflix US, you may enjoy a good, Netflix-style, movie.

Please feel free to share in the comments the experience you had with different VPN, SmartDNS or proxy providers while unlocking Netflix. Thank you!