Using Multiple Browsers to Maintain Your Online PrivacyOnline Privacy is a big concern when it comes to your overall PC Security. Many computer users take it lightly and are careless in their online behavior. But the truth is that the cases of identity theft are increasing day-by-day, not only in terms of the number but also in terms of the severity of the effect they cause on the victim. Learn about using multiple browsers.

The truth is that you have to be very cautious and careful while being online. Here I am giving you one simple tip, which you can effortlessly use to avoid being the next victim of the case of identity theft.

Browsers – The Gateway to Internet

Web browsers are your gateway to the Internet. They allow your computer to interact with the outside world. And this is true for the reverse direction as well. They are the gateways through which all sorts of malware scripts, spyware, virus and online threats strike at your computer. Hence it becomes extremely important to ensure that you do not get victimized through your web browser.

One solution is that you can tighten the security settings of your browsers. Most of the popular browsers have various security settings, which allow you to restrict the access to suspicious websites and also they can restrict the tasks, which websites can perform on your computer.

But tightening security settings in your web browser has its own disadvantages. As you tighten browser security, the fun and pleasure aspect of web surfing is deleted. That is the reason even those people, who are well aware of the dangers of identity theft, do not tighten their browser security settings beyond a point.

Using Multiple Browsers – A Simple Yet Effective Solution

multiple browsersBut there is yet another solution: using multiple browsers. I use at least three popular browsers on my laptop with different level of security settings. I categorize websites according to their threat potential and use a web browser accordingly.

No, it is not complicated. Let me show you how.

As you know, Google Chrome is arguably the fastest browser, I use it for most of the casual web surfing; when I am just exploring new sites, new features and applications and some less-serious stuff. This is the time when I need speed, I Chrome is optimum for that.

For my blogging and other related tasks, I use Firefox, which is unmatched for its extensibility and customization thanks to hundreds and thousands of Firefox add-ons.

And when I am working on my finance related websites and banks I trust on IE, the old warhorse. At this time I make sure to use the tightest browser security. As soon as I am finished with my financial transaction, I quickly close IE browser and switch to Firefox or Chrome, depending on what task I am doing.

This way, I ensure that I use IE, which I use for accessing the most sensitive websites, for the minimum period and able to minimize the online threats against it.

What do you think about using multiple browsers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[This is a guest post from Silki Garg who blogs about the Internet and PC Security. Her latest posts about Portable Web Browsers and How To Block Malicious Website Access are recommended for reading.]