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There have been a lot of rave reviews about the newest Android devices in the marketplace lately. To date, Android remained the most preferred platform for mobile phones and other droid handheld devices. With the launching of new Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich (Android v4.0) comes a gamut of other exciting new treats for your handhelds. Learn about Android VPN.

According to statistics, by the end of 2010, Android phones had an approximately 3.5% share of the top smart data phones in the market, and by the end of 2011, it ballooned to around 75% of the market share making it the industry leader across the globe. It was estimated that there are currently 500,000 (and still growing) Android devices that got activated each and every single day according to a survey conducted by Google.

Android platform

As the demand for portability continues to grow, the need for a VPN service subscription has likewise escalated in numbers. Together with the passage of time and the sudden surge of technological innovations, mobile phones have evolved to contain features comparable to that of a desktop computer and have provided more functionality to end user apart from the usual SMS and calling capabilities. By now you may have heard of Android phones with features like cloud computing, remote access, file sharing, and other robust computer-like qualities. Now, you can browse thru the World Wide Web anywhere, anytime, even while lying in your bed provided you have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Along with the advent of Android technology, comes unscrupulous people who have the propensity for evil, who are always ready to pray for any vulnerable victim. Over a particular wireless connection, one can without difficulty track activities of other people utilizing the same network with the aid of some cunning and wily apps or free software.

In case you are one of those people who unknowingly send crucial data over Wi-Fi connections thru emails which are not encrypted and could be easily decoded by some crafty tools, then you are at risk! Thankfully, we can do away with these vulnerabilities with the help of a reliable VPN service.

Android VPN

With a VPN or Virtual Private Network, there are infinite possibilities. You can easily have the world at your fingertips, I mean literally! You can go shopping for the newest trends in London, while you are in downtown Manhattan sitting at your favorite coffee shop. Or you can watch the newest action flick on US Netflix while you are vacationing at an exotic island somewhere in the Virgin Islands!

Finally, with a VPN service, you can securely transmit all of your files without worrying it’ll be decoded by sneaky hackers out there. Need I say more? Simply put, if you are a tech-savvy Android device user, you ought to get a VPN service so you’ll have a complete peace of mind every time!

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