Unlock SkyPlayer - Sky VPNSkyGo also was known as ‘Sky Player,’ ‘Sky Anytime on PC,’ and ‘Sky By Broadband’ is a popular online streaming service available in the UK only since January 2006. Much like Netflix, the service enables subscribers to watch live and on-demand entertainment content from several operating systems and platforms as Mac, Windows PC, or even on handheld devices as tablets and cell phones. Learn how to unlock SkyPlayer with Sky VPN.

What is SkyGo/SkyPlayer?

SkyGo programs include on-demand content such as news and current affairs programs, sports shows, the latest movies, and most sought-after popular TV shows in the UK. Non-subscribers can likewise access their service by enrolling in their pay-per-view programs.

Albeit SkyGo’s various TV channel availability and listings, the service may not be accessed outside the UK. Unfortunately, for one to freely watch and enjoy SkyGo’s programs, it is imperative that you be a UK resident, or else your access will be blocked. Do not fret, as you can still access SkyGo even outside the UK. Unlock Skyplayer from everywhere with SkyVPN.

Yes, you heard that right!

But, HOW?

Access SkyGo outside the UK. Unlock SkyPlayer from everywhere with Sky VPN.

Easy. With the aid of a VPN service, you can obtain an IP address whose servers are based in the UK, thus giving SkyGo a false notion that indeed you are based in the UK, and could, therefore, be allowed access to their shows. Cool, huh?

A VPN service is a perfect solution for you to be able to watch online content from SkyGo channels even if you are outside the UK. All you have to do is purchase a VPN connection, and you are good to go. The assigned UK IP (Internet Protocol) address they will provide you will fake your location, and they will think as if you are in the UK, and then, you can freely log on to your SkyGo account and seamlessly connect and see the movie you so wanted badly to stream.

SkyGo Spartacus Vengeance - Sky VPN

Furthermore, you may likewise watch SkyGo outside the UK straight from your mobile phone. This is made possible yet again by your trusty VPN service provider. Just be sure to purchase a VPN subscription that offers you access to a roster of the best and fastest UK servers around.

Traveling any sooner and need to have SkyGo access even outside UK or Europe in general?

Then, subscribe to a UK VPN service provider and have your SkyGo access unblocked outside the UK, or wherever you may be in the world today.

Here are the Sky VPN services that we recommend:

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