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Have you heard about the fact that PureVPN keeps logs and you plan to switch to another VPN provider? This post lists 7 PureVPN alternatives for secure browsing and unblocking streaming sites.

PureVPN logging policy

PureVPN alternatives - PureVPn alternativeAs I have explained several times on this blog, it is hard to tell if “no logging” really means that no (to be read zero) logs are kept for each user or connection. I believe that “No logs” is more likely a marketing strategy and that most of the VPN (Virtual Private Networks) providers are maintaining (some) logs for their protection. Logs that can, in some cases, be handed out to authorities.

A few days ago, the news about PureVPN helping FBI with logs for catching a cyberstalker came as a surprise. The service was advertised as “zero logging,” but it seems that it was not the case.

Was it a surprise?

The PureVPN privacy policy starts with “We Do Not monitor user activity nor do we keep any logs.“, but if you look closer you may find out that “Our servers automatically record the time at which you connect to any of our servers. From here on forward, we do not keep any records of anything that could associate any specific activity to a specific user. The time when a successful connection is made with our servers is counted as a ‘connection,’ and the total bandwidth used during this connection is called ‘bandwidth.’“. Thus, some logs are kept for ALL users. Are these all logs that are stored on the PureVPN servers? Well, who knows?

Anyway, PureVPN did what most of the companies would have done in the same situation: provided the info requested by FBI.

It is debatable if what they did was wrong or not. The question is: what can you, as a PureVPN user, do? And the answer is simple: if you don’t care about logs you don’t need to do anything, but if you do, you need to start looking for alternatives.

How to look for PureVPN alternatives?

Take a look at the list below or search Google. You will find plenty of PureVPN alternatives for surfing anonymously and unblocking restricted websites. Do not jump to the first one that looks good! Take your time and look for user reviews and reviews written by bloggers. These will help you make an informed choice.

7 PureVPN alternatives – Top VPN (Virtual Private Networks) providers

I have selected seven excellent VPN providers that may offer what you need: an extended number of server locations, unlimited bandwidth, excellent support, and good connection speed. Make sure you also read the additional tips.

VPN ProviderPricePros
HideMyAss$11.32/monthExcellent service, huge server network, easy to use VPN software
NordVPN$10.95/monthA large number of servers, nice extra features, excellent Mac OS and Windows apps
ibVPN$4.95/monthGood price, good support, good servers
ExpressVPN$12.95/monthFair price, good support
PrivateInternetAccess$6.95/monthGood price, good support, one-click VPN software
VyprVPN$9.95/monthGood price, excellent servers, good support
IPVanish$10/monthA large number of servers, good service

Additional tips

Before you proceed to the alternatives, here are some additional tips:

  • Start with ibVPN. It is an excellent alternative to PureVPN. It offers a free trial, and it is somehow similar to PureVPN. It also provides SmartDNS (with plenty of channels – not a VPN solution!), access to Softether VPN protocol, great apps, and excellent support. However, ibVPN’s servers network is smaller. You may read our complete ibVPN review here.
  • If you are not interested in SmartDNS, then go for NordVPN or ExpressVPN. They have plenty of servers, good connections, excellent support.
  • Private Internet Access is also a good PureVPN alternative when it comes to VPN server speed! Take a look at our PIA speed tests.
  • If you are interested in a free alternative to PureVPN, you may try Hotspot Shield.

My advice is to create a subscription for the smallest period available (one or 3 months). Thus, you will be able to thoroughly test the alternative service before committing to a more extended billing agreement.

Please share your experience PureVPN and its alternatives in the comments below.

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  • Dany Oct 16, 2017

    The thing is that all 7 listed VPNs logs just like PureVPN and ironically many of them are based in US so they are spying for the government.

  • xyz Oct 18, 2017

    To be honest, I really like purevpn and I will probably stay with them. But, the fact that they handed out users logs will not help their business. I am also using ibvpn as an alternative solution. I highly recommend it.

  • portafun Oct 27, 2017

    @Dany – You may be right, but, so far, only PureVPN was exposed to had offered logs to FBI …

  • bunny Feb 6, 2018

    PIA is my choice! Your review says it all: https://www.how-to-hide-ip.net/private-internet-access-review/

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