So what about us outside of U.S? Learn how to unblock Google Music.

Unblock Google Music

Some of our readers would wonder why should they care about this new release. Especially those who are addicted to iTunes. Well, I wouldn’t get into the flaming about Apple vs. Google, but I think there are lots of useful features that are worth mentioning.

What is Google Music?

Google Music allows you to host 20000 of your songs on it so that you can stream them to your Android devices. Well, apart from the high number of songs you can host, I guess there are lots of other alternatives that can perform well too.

But as most online music provider, it comes integrated with the Android Market so that you can buy songs from it. The nice thing is that you have a 90 seconds preview before buying it. From the news, major labels have joined Google+ to get their music distributed through this channel.

Google is a late-comer to this game compared to Apple and Amazon, but it comes out with a very interesting feature – at least, I think it’s a very radical change in this field: Google Music allows people to share full-length music to their circles – I don’t know how they deal with copyright infringement for that, but anyway, given that each user can host 200 000 music on his account, imagine how big the database can be. Moreover, rumor has it that Google Music will give one music for free every day – while this is a great opportunity for labels to promote their artists (I guess labels would have to pay to get their bands distributed for free on Google Music), this definitely is a great music discovery tool.

What can you get from Google Music?

The Google Music store, however, hasn’t convinced yet all the major labels, even though it claims it’ll offer 13 million songs to its database. But I guess it’ll be just a matter of time before the other major label joins the bandwagon. I also expect that most indie labels would play the pioneers in this field so as to get more exposure among the millions of Android users in the US (let’s not forget that Android devices retain the biggest market share in the smartphone industry, far ahead of Apple).

How to unblock Google Music from outside the US

Well, enough keeping you envying about how you can unblock Google Music if you are not based in the U.S where Google Music has just launched. I can see you wondering, how to do it. The solution is common: use a VPN. In case you’re fed up listening to me inviting you to use a VPN for accessing some geolocation-limited service, then have a look at Richard MacManus (the guy from ReadWriteWeb) mentioning the VPN solution for using Google Music: you see it? Now, get your hands on a VPN solution (this blog has advised you on the most interesting VPN solutions), launch it, the options to get a Google Music.

Share your music 🙂

Hey, and by the way, don’t forget to share your music with your circles on Google Plus – BTW, my Google Plus account is here 🙂 (add me to your circles so that I can listen to what you are sharing hehe).

So what’s your view on Google Music? Do you think you’d use it? Is it a feature that will help you consider joining Google Plus?