AbuseIPDB – The AbuseIPDB.com project is the place where you can report IP addresses that are involved in a malicious activity or check whether an IP address has a suspicious history.

What is generally considered as a malicious activity? Any illegal, abusive or inappropriate activity, e.g. DDoS, any type of Spam, Fraud orders, Hacking attempts, Phishing, Spoofing, SQL Injection, etc.

Who is AbuseIPDB for?

Firstly, if you are a regular Internet user you are likely the permanent victim of spam, hacking attempts, phishing, etc. Why not let others know about the source of these malicious attacks? Report the IP address to AbuseIPDB.com and make the Internet safer.

Secondly, if you are a service provider (hosting, VPN, etc.) you can reduce the percentage of fraudulent orders by checking the IP addresses of the subscribers when new orders are placed. AbuseIPDB.com offers an API for checking and reporting IP addresses. You may integrate the API with any website.

How to use AbuseIPDB?

In order to check an IP address, go to AbuseIPDB.com, enter the IP address and press Check it button.

AbuseIPDB CheckIf the IP is already in the database the relevant information is shown:

AbuseIPDB Info

Further, you can find details about previous complaints (Click here for details) or find more info about the IP owner (Whois …). If you want to report an abuse related to the IP address click the Report … button. You are then redirected to a page where you are able to enter info related to the abuse:

AbuseIPDB Report

For those that want to use the abuse database through the API, registration is needed and detailed instructions are available in order to make the access easy and straightforward.

To be honest I find the project very promising and I recommend everyone to report any IP address that is a source of spam or other malicious activities. Together will make the Internet a cleaner and safer place!

What do you think about AbuseIPDB? Will you use it to report malicious activities?