How to Watch BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, ITV Player and News 25 Outside UK Without a VPN

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The most used method to get access to UK restricted websites like BBC iPlayer or ITV is by using UK VPN services. If you can not afford to get a VPN account here is some good news: WebTvUnleashed has built a Tor package that will get the job done nicely. And it is completely free. Learn how to watch iPlayer without VPN.

The idea is simple and effective: it uses the Tor project, Firefox Portable, FoxyProxy and a Flash Player Plug-in bundled in a compact package that is easy to run and it does not need any configuration. It is completely portable, you can install it on a USB drive and take it anywhere you want. You can even run it from your workplace or school.

What can you do with the WebTvUnleashed package

With the WebTvUnleashed package you can:

  • Watch the BBC iPlayer outside the UK
  • Access the ITV Player outside the UK
  • Unblock Demand Five outside the UK
  • Watch the BBC News 24 Channel Live outside the UK

How to install the WebTvUnleashed package

In order to install is you need to download the zip file from here: Download ‘Tor UK Catchup TV Package Beta V0.3’. Then unzip it, open the folder ‘Tor UK Catchup TV Package Beta V0.3’ and click the ‘Start Tor UK Catchup TV’ executable.

A Firefox browser will show up with predefined bookmarks that you can use to easily access BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, ITV Player.

If you want to unblock other UK restricted websites beside BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, ITV Player and News 25, you will need to modify the FoxyProxy filtering options. For this, click on FoxyProxy:Patterns.

How to watch iPlayer without VPN

Next, click on Tor row:

Watch iPlayer without VPN - FoxyProxy
Take a look at the existing URL patterns and then add a new pattern by clicking the Add New Pattern button.

Watch iPlayer without VPN - Webtvunleashed

Important! I have tested this solution for TvCatchUp, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Anyway, enjoy and many thanks to WebTvUnleashed admin!

Have you been able to watch iPlayer without VPN? How do you get your UK IP address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S. If this workaround does not work for you may try using a VPN service with UK servers like HideMyAss, ibVPN, NordVPN, PrivateInternetAccess or IPVanish.

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  • Metodios May 15, 2010

    Are you sure it’s working?I know that TOR network is very slow and unstable,it’s not good even for browsing,not to mention live streaming.

  • HideIP Admin May 16, 2010

    @Metodios – It worked surprisingly well when I tried it. It is true the Tor is quite slow most of the time, but for a free solution it’s ok.

  • Metodios May 16, 2010

    OK,thank you for reply.One more question,if you know:

    Is this solution working for other sites like Zattoo for example?

    I want to know if I’ll give it a try.

  • HideIP Admin May 16, 2010

    @Metodios – As far as I know you need to download a player to watch Zattoo. This solution works only for videos that are available in the browser. For Zattoo you will need a VPN.

  • Metodios May 16, 2010

    Since about a year ago,Zattoo has online streaming on their site,just like Wilmaa and others.Anyway,Zattoo has more powerfull IP filters so I think it’s not working with it,even on their site.

  • rarcntv May 23, 2010

    thanks for nice technique. Its really greatful to me

  • YT May 29, 2010

    I think TOR is slow based on my experience.

    Anyway, HideIP, is there any service/tools you recommend so I could create youtube accounts and post youtube videos with different IPs? Like 20 different IPs per day. VPN services good for that? Or is it better to buy private proxies?

  • γιδω Jul 21, 2010

    Download is offline? Luckily I have a local copy, but it would be nice if you could re-post a working link?

    Also, from the Netherlands, it’s working beautifully!

    AND the BIQ QUESTION: can you make this for US too??? (hulu, pandora :>)

    I found a 3 day trial for a free VPN that seems to use tor too, and it actually gave connection to hulu – but playback was not Optimal. Still, I would love a UK / US solution based on this (your:) product!

    Thank you,


  • Jack Oct 27, 2010

    In my experience TOR is much to slow to watch something on-line. Most of the time you need to buffer staff for 5 min in order to watch it for a min.
    No to mention that 90% of the time exit nodes that were OK day before are not OK day after (it is all based on free proxies). Another problem is switching between different exit IP’s if one minute you need one from US (Hulu, Pandora, etc) and than IP from UK. Hotspotshield is blocked by HULU. I have really tried all it is out there and fact is that spending a bit of cash is the best solution. I have bought account with and I have to honestly say service is awesome!!! Since January this year every evening | watch something on-line either in US or UK. No waiting time, I have set up connections once (within 5 min), they are one of the cheapest out there.
    NO LOGS!!!! And on some servers even p2p and torrent traffic is allowed.
    From my point of view it is much better than wasting everyday 30-40 min. (to make TOR working) in order to watch something for 10 min and than get annoyed that it is to slow and inconvenient.

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