Skype VPNOne of the main reasons why people are connecting to the web is communication. We are all aware of the popular communications platform from the likes of Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, to the number one on the list – Skype. Learn about using Skype VPN to access it from anywhere.

However, there are certain geographical locations that are banned from accessing Skype due to the country ban imposed upon it. Countries ranging from Panama, Belize, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, and China to name a few are banned from making pc to pc calls with Skype. How can I unblock Skype in these locations?  Use a VPN service!

What is a VPN?

A VPN is one of the best and secure ways to unblock Skype even in countries where they are banned and have a private network setup for personal communications to anywhere in the world! Thus, it is exactly the same as your regular network, only that it mainly utilizes the Internet to make a connection. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to get in touch with your loved ones while having secured private communications wherever in the world.

Skype is by far the most popular VOIP service of all time, with millions of users worldwide and growing. The Skype ban has left a lot of perplexed users in the dark labyrinth searching for the right answers. Until recently, tech-savvy users in banned countries have found refuge with reliable VPN service providers on the web.

Skype VPN

Why pay for expensive telecom service to contact friends and family overseas when you can do it free on Skype with VPN?

A great way to ensure your online security is to frequently change your IP address thru the aid of a secure VPN connection. One amazing feature about VPNs is the fact that along with their features, they nevertheless remain cost effective and they can cut communication expenditures immensely. The many benefits that come from using a quality VPN service are just infinite!


Every time you use a VPN to unblock access to Skype, the VPN will hide your real IP address and provide you a brand new one. The VPN, in turn, acts as a tunnel between your pc (where you are making the calls) and the actual server. Consequently, all data passing through it is securely encrypted so VPN hides your internet traffic from your ISP. Thus, you may now have conversations in complete privacy.

By using VPN on Skype you can make inexpensive calls anywhere in the world, anytime you want it. No reason to worry about any blocks or bans!