Thank You VPN

In the last article of 2011, we talked about few places to post your updates so that everybody knows about it – we even challenged you to forget about privacy since the whole goal of the game was to create some buzz. We hope you definitely enjoyed and shared great times with your family and friends. Thank you, VPN users!

How-to-hide-ip on social media

So I’d like to jump into that bandwagon of getting the word out about what we’re doing here at how-to-hide-ip: this blog is the centerpiece of our online presence, but as social media is getting more and more exposure in our daily lives, How-to-hide-IP can also be found on different social media places, and I thought you’d want to connect with us, so here is a summary list:

  •  Facebook page: don’t forget to tell your friends or whoever found any interesting thing on this blog to like and share this page. As we write this article, we are more than 760 people from around the world who like how-to-hide-IP Facebook page, thank you for that, and don’t hesitate to have other people know about what we’re doing here. By the way, apart from the comment section for each article, this can also be a great place to submit to us some news that is worth covering, or some comments you want us to be aware of;
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Okay, the self-promotion is over now. 🙂

Thank you, VPN users!

Anyway, as the new 2012 year starts, let us take this opportunity to thank all how-to-hide-IP readers for being loyal to us and for interacting with us for all those years that this adventure has started.

What to expect in 2012?

2012 is up to be another challenging year when it comes to keeping our privacy when going to the internet – although we’re doing our best to cover things from our perspective, we invite you to raise some interesting topics to our interest.

Moreover, 2012 is also the year where a lot of different mobile-connected devices will become more and more popular. The last few years have seen the rise of smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows phone, …). While Android is yet the most shipped smartphone device (at least in the US), iOS still gathers a strong market share while Windows Phone is expected to be on the rise with the support of Nokia.

Challenges for those seeking for privacy

This means that, in 2012, new challenges are ahead when it comes to protecting the online privacy of those smartphone users.This year will also be the year where the tablet battle will be fierce as every player wants to bring alternatives to the iPad to the market. We’re thinking of the lower-budget Nook, or the serious Samsung Galaxy Tab II as well as other not-so-popular (yet?) devices. Do you think there’ll be a need for protecting online privacy from those mobile devices? And what about those Wi-Fi enabled game consoles?

Anyway, looking forward to an exciting 2012 year, and once again: Thank you, VPN users!