How to Activate Google Voice Account From Outside USA

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Activate Google Voice Outside USA – You have probably heard about Google Voice and you were curious to test this new and exciting service. The first step is to get an invite.  After a while (more than a week) you’ll get an email from Google saying that you were accepted to use Google Voice. There is also a notice to the bottom of the email saying:

Please note that Google Voice is only available for sign up in the US.

And, if you click on the activation link you get the following message:

Activate Google Voice Outside USA

This means that if you are leaving outside US you have to use a trick to activate your account.

How to activate Google Voice outside the USA

Here are the steps necessary to activate your Google Voice account:

      1. Get a free USA incoming number as described here.
      2. Use HideMyAssibVPNHideIPVPN, Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf to get a US IP address. A US IP address is an IP address that is allocated by an ISP from United States to US residential homes or US data centers. The services mentioned above simply rent servers in data centers located in the US and then offer access via VPN or proxy technology.
      3. Next, delete your cookies and open the Google Voice invite activation link in your web-browser.
      4. Login using your Google account and you follow the first step to choose a number.
      5. Then you will now need to enter a PIN code.
      6. During step 3 you will get prompted for a USA phone number where you can receive the call and confirm your account. Enter the free US phone number you reserved by following the steps described here.
      7. Click Call Me Now and you will receive the call on your desktop Sipgate softphone.
      8. Press the “Accept” button.
      9. Then activate the Keypad/Dialpad and enter your confirmation code the two digit confirmation code from Step 6 above.
      10. And … you were able to activate Google Voice outside the USA.


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  • sina Aug 17, 2009

    It really works!!!
    I love you guys….

  • Michelle Aug 30, 2009

    I just signed up to Google Voice and I’m in Argentina. Hot Spot Shield worked beautifully, and it also allowed me to watch Hulu. I have a Skype number with an NYC area code, so I just used that. The only thing is that my computer is doing some funny things ever since I activated Hot Spot. Ads are popping up on my browser left and right, which is quite annoying. And every time I’m at the Google Search page it redirects me to This is the worst I think. Mind you, all the privacy settings on my browser are high and I have the AdBlock plug-in. Still, I guess it’s the price I have to pay and hopefully these nuances will eventually be fixed. I’m sure there will be plenty of complains because of this.

  • Michelle Aug 30, 2009

    I take it back. The side effects of Hot Spot Shield are way too annoying to deal with. After you sign up to Google Voice it really doesn’t seem like you need to have Hot Spot installed to continue using it. I just uninstalled it. I felt like I had no control over my browser. And Hulu stopped working after a while too.

  • HideIP Admin Aug 30, 2009

    @Michelle – Indeed Hotspot Shield comes witha lot of ads, but it should not pop up if you disable it. Anyway, you can uninstall it after you have activated Google Voice. You will not need it any further.

  • obayelu Sep 25, 2009

    i well want u

  • Richard Oct 22, 2009

    Hi, i’m stuck in the us number… I tried to get sipgate but when i go to the sign up screen it asks me to put a cel (us) number so that they will send a message to confirm that im from us…

  • Jon Nov 7, 2009

    @Richard – Yeah I just got as far as Sipgate to find it’s asking for a cell number now so they can text a registration… damn! I had paid $5 for the Ace VPN account because those are no longer free either 🙁

  • Paul Jan 4, 2010

    This sort of advice needs updating or deleting. It is clear that you can’t get a sipgate US number now as they require cellphone confirmation. Other parts of the advice refer to obsolete versions of software and some of the proxy advice (ultrasurf) is strongly thought to be malware. I would welcome some 2010 advice on Google Voice accessibility outside US!!
    Anyone have anything?

  • Steve Apr 13, 2010

    Hello can I use google voice with my magicjack number ?
    I like to try here, I am now in Colombia please somebody helpme with a google voice account ,

    thanks .

  • Matthias Oct 6, 2010

    I tried to enter to the google voice page via ultrasurf w/o success. Other pages like yours work spot even disconnects my lan from the pc and nothing works anymore. any suggestions to that? the pc is connected to a router. Could this be the prob? It tries to connect all the time but nothing. or might it be dyndns with its updater?


  • Google voice May 7, 2011

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  • bill Dec 19, 2011

    @obayelu – i want you too baby

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