Update: Firefox 3.5 is gone for a long time. Check this list of proxy add-ons that work on Firefox 57+.

Every time a new major version of Firefox is released, I check to see if there are any changes in the way the browser can be configured to use a proxy. Firefox 3.5 brings no changes to this area, but I will recap for the ones that don’t know. Learn how to setup Firefox 3.5 proxy.

The first step is to find a good proxy (IP: port).  Take a look at XRoxy.com. You are probably interested in changing your country, but you also must be careful to choose a high anonymous proxy.

After you have chosen the proxy you can start configuring your Firefox 3.5 browser.

How to set up Firefox 3.5 proxy

Here is what you have to do next:

  1. Open Firefox 3.5
  2. Go to Tools -> Options…
    Firefox 3.5 Proxy
  3. Choose Network tab and press Settings button
  4. In the Connection Settings window, check Manual proxy configuration:firefox35_conn
  5. Then, fill in the HTTP Proxy and the Port took from the above proxy list (e.g. 3128 where the IP address of the proxy is and the port is 3128) (take a look above).
  6. Press Ok and then Ok again and you are done.

After the configuration is completed go to What Is My IP page and check your new IP address. You can now browse anonymously using Firefox 3.5.

Unset Firefox 3.5 proxy

When you are done with the proxy don’t forget to switch back to No proxy.

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