We continue our series of tutorials for installing VPN router with modified firmware.  This relates to the installation of the VPN VpnTunnel.Se on a router with the Tomato firmware. Learn about VPNTunnel OpenVPN Tomato.

Installing VpnTunnel OpenVPN Tomato

Step 1. On your router address,  go to VPN tunneling and then to Client.

Step 2. On Basic tab of Client1

• Start with WAN: Unchecked
• Interface Type: Tun
• Protocol: UDP
• Server Address / Port: You put the address of the vpntunnel.se : melissa.vpntunnel.se 1194
• Firewall: Automatic
• Authorization mode: TLS
• tls-auth: Disabled
• Create Nat on tunnel: Checked

VPNTunnel OpenVPN Tomato

Step 3. On Advanced tab:

• Redirect Internet Traffic: Checked
• Accept Configuration DNS: Disabled
• Encryption cipher BF-CBC
• Compression: Enabled
• TLS Renegotiation Time: -1
• Connection Retry: 30
• Custom Configuration:

dev tap
proto udp
script-security 3
ns-cert-type server
cipher BF-CBC # Blowfish
auth-user-pass / tmp / openvpn-auth.conf
; VPN Server
remote melissa.vpntunnel.se 1194
; Loggingcomp-lzo
verb 1

Next, click Save to update the configuration.

VPNTunnel OpenVPN Tomato - Step 2


Step 4. Download the ca.crt file that contains all the necessary configuration data.

VPNTunnel OpenVPN Tomato - Step 3

Step 5. On  Keys tab, copy the file content and paste it in the textbox

VPNTunnel OpenVPN Tomato - Step 4

Click Save to update the configuration.

Step 6. Then you go in the Administration (right) and select Script.  In the Init tab, you copy this file:

echo <<username
password >> > / tmp / openvpn-auth.conf

The Username is your username and password in your VPN  password.

Click Save to update the configuration.

Step 7. In Administration->Firewall:

To create NAT rules to open ports on your router copy this:

iptables-I FORWARD-i br0-o tap0-j ACCEPT
 iptables-I FORWARD-i tap0-o br0-j ACCEPT
 iptables-I INPUT-i tap0-j REJECT
 iptables-t nat-A POSTROUTING-o tap0-j MASQUERADE

Click Save to update the configuration and click reboot the router to reconfigure.

Step 8. In order to start the VPN, click Start Now. You are done with VpnTunnel OpenVPN Tomato.