Mobile devices running Windows Mobile 6.1 are very popular these days, as they offer a great user experience. If you have such a smartphone and you are concerned about your online privacy, you are probably interested in finding out how to set up your device to use a proxy. Learn how to set up a Windows Mobile proxy.

By using a proxy you are able not only to hide your IP address (and location) while browsing the internet, but you are also able to unblock restricted sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

The first step is to find a good proxy. You may subscribe to private proxies or you can search for a free one on sites like or Proxy4Free. The free/open proxies are quite slow, but some of them offer enough speed for regular browsing; not for watching videos on YouTube or unblocking Hulu.

Setup a Windows Mobile Proxy

Next, set up your phone to work with the selected proxy.

Step 1. Select Settings and then All Settings.

Windows Mobile proxy

Step 2. Go to Connections tab and click on Connections.
Step 3. For your active connection (or the one you are using to connect to the internet; it may be the one provided by the service provider or a local network) click on Set up my proxy server.

Windows Mobile proxy server

Step 4. Next check This network uses a proxy to connect to the Internet
Step 5. Click on Advanced …
Step 6. In the next screen click on HTTP.
Step 7. Then enter the proxy IP and port and if you are using a private/paid proxy enter the username and password.


Step 8. Go to your browser and visit XMyIP to check your IP address.
Step 9. You are done! When you don’t longer need to browse anonymously make sure you un-check the This network uses a proxy to connect to the Internet option.

Note: The screenshots were taken on an HTC Touch Diamond 2.