Warning: FoxTor requires the installation of Privoxy and Tor (read carefully the installation and configuration guide; recommended for advanced users).

FoxTorYou may not realize this but every place you visit on the internet is like leaving breadcrumbs for others to follow to learn exactly where you have been and what you did while you were there. This is very surprising to many people. Not only will others be able to see where you go, but many websites also grab your information and track your activities. However, there are tools that can prevent family members, co-workers, bosses, and friends that might use your computer from learning your activities along with stopping websites from tracking your every move. One such tool is FoxTor.

What is FoxTor?

The FoxTor is a software program that you install on your computer that will allow you to mask or unmask, so you can choose which websites will have the ability to track your activities. With FoxTor, you will need to be using FireFox as your browser or one as an extension in order to receive all the benefits that this tool has to offer.

FoxTor FoxTorFoxTor

FoxTor Installation

Once you install the add-on, you will be able to surf the internet in total secrecy by clicking an icon in the bottom left on your web browser. Being anonymous online will give you the advantage of privacy as well as security.

You can choose to change the preferences when you are masked so you will be able to protect your identity even better than most programs available.



While you are masked preferences that are changed include history will be set to zero days, no information will be saved, no passwords will be saved, if you download the history will be deleted immediately after the download is complete, no cookies are set, zero bytes in the disk cache, pop-ups will be blocked, no website will be able to download and install software, and you will be able to configure to use Privoxy.

If you wish to have your privacy kept in tack while online then the FoxTor will be one of the best programs you will ever find.

Be aware, FoxTor will work only if you also install Privoxy and Tor!