VPN ReviewsThis blog has been referring to a lot of VPN services providers along the years where this blog has been running. Thanks to the community of readers, we could help each other for choosing the right provider according to our specific needs. From time to time, we do a roundup of the current VPN service providers, we buy their package and test them so as to give a hands-on honest review of what they are doing.

Why do we do VPN reviews?

The purpose of these VPN reviews is simple:

Check if some VPN providers we have recommended before are still worth recommending. As a blog who want to establish itself as a trustworthy recommendation source, we want to review from time to time the services we are recommending thereby ensuring our readers that we fully do our homework before putting our “recommended” stamp on one solution.

Identify other VPN solutions that may have emerged since the last recommendations we made. VPN field is an ever-changing place to be. More and more players are getting into the ring, and with the advent of cloud computing, the need for a reliable VPN solution increases. This also means that this VPN market is becoming more and more interesting for other service providers. We want to be on top of what’s going on and give our readers our view/review on those new players’ offerings.

Find out if some new technologies/offers have emerged that are worth mentioning/trying. Our readers have purchased some VPN solutions, and at some point of time, they have to decide if they should “blindly” renew their contract, or consider other new solutions that may fit better to their ever-changing needs.

In fact, how-to-hide-ip is going to purchase some of those packages (so that our readers don’t have to), install them and test them. And we need your help – the help of our readers.

How can you help?

Instead of deciding by ourselves which products to test, we want to hear you. This is the opportunity for you to influence the services you think that are worth considering to test. If you’ve browsed through the archives of this blog, you have a rough idea of the VPN services that are usually recommended here. Moreover, if you are subscribed to our newsletter, then we have sent you a list of VPN providers that we are recommending. This is the time where you can influence the choice of VPN reviews.

Whether you think that there are other services that are worth recommending, or you think that there’s a nice offer you’d like to test but you don’t feel confident enough to make a full review, don’t hesitate to flag it to us in the comment system.

We will do the testing for you and we will publish our results on this blog. Isn’t it nice? Think about those offers you always wanted to test but didn’t do because of a lot of reasons. Indicate them to us, and eventually tell us in the comment system what feature do you especially want to see reviewed. We will do our best to get some of them properly reviewed and tested.