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ZenMate is a VPN provider well-known for its proxy browser extensions. ZenMate VPN service offers easy-to-use apps and great speed. Keep reading my (ultimate) ZenMate review in order to find more about the pros and cons of ZenMate VPN!

ZenMate review in a nutshell

Headquarters & jurisdiction Zenmate Headquarters - Germany Germany
Log policy Some logs.
Servers & locations 300+ servers in 30+ countries.
Dynamic & static IPs Dynamic IPs.
Dedicated IPs No.
VPN protocols & security IPSec, L2TP.
Advanced VPN protocols No.
P2P & torrent policy Not allowed.
VPN applications Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS.
Plug & Play Routers Yes, FlashRouters.
Other devices (manual setup) No.
Browser extensions Yes, for Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
Kill Switch Yes, for the Windows application.
DNS leak protection Yes.
IPv6 leak protection Yes.
Automatically change IP No.
Proxy & SOCKS5 Yes, it offers access to HTTP proxies in the browser extensions (no manual setup). No SOCKS5 proxies.
SmartDNS No.
Simultaneous connections / devices 5 devices.
Free trial Yes, 7 days of premium free trial, limited free afterwards.
Pricing From $9.99/month, lower for the annual plan.
Promos & discounts Refer-a-friend coupon, website promo – Get 3 months for free!
Payment methods PayPal, Credit cards, Union Pay, SEPA Bank Transfer, Qiwi Wallet.
Moneyback Yes, 14 days.
Support 24/7 email and support tickets. No live chat.
Performance/speed Very good.
User reviews Mostly positive, complaints about support.
Multilanguage Yes, website and apps.
Pros/What I like Very simple apps, good speed.
Cons/What could be improved No OpenVPN, no live chat, no bitcoin accepted.

Headquarters & jurisdiction

ZenMate VPN is based in Berlin, Germany. As a member of the Forteen Eyes group of countries, Germany shares intelligence to avoid breaking domestic laws. A VPN provider located in one of these countries might share user data with intelligence services in certain cases. You should keep this in mind when using a VPN service located in Germany.

ZenMate review – Log policy

The ZenMate home page states that there are no logs kept. However, the Privacy Policy page presents several cases when some data (IP address, aggregated usage) is stored:

In order to prevent attacks against ZenMate your IP address will be saved temporarily on the server without being stored permanently or used for any other purposes. […]

… you may consider which server to choose to use ZenMate and to which country therewith you want your IP address and site request to be transmitted and possibly used and saved temporarily in order to establish a connection. […]

If your account’s data volume is limited we will measure the data you transfer and receive. However, we will not collect or store the content of the data. We will only record the mere volume of the data.

You should take a moment and take a closer look to the privacy policy and decide for yourself if is convenient for you or not.

Servers & locations

ZenMate offers access to 300+ servers in 30+ countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

Dynamic & static IPs

All ZenMate VPN servers have dynamic IPs. This means that every time you connect you will get a different IP address. For a certain location, you will get connected to a server from the server pool, which assigns you a random IP address.

VPN protocols and security

ZenMate VPN implements the strong AES-encryption with 256-bit key for its applications. However, the ZenMate browser extensions use the 128-bit AES encryption.

A shortfall of ZenMate regarding VPN protocols is that it does not implement OpenVPN and does not allow protocol switches. L2TP and IPSec are the protocols used by the ZenMate applications.

P2P & torrent policy

ZenMate does not seem to be designed for P2P and torrent traffic. Their Terms of Service states that:

(4) You agree not to commit any copyright infringement when using ZenMate, for example by downloading copyright protected files or granting other people access to those. Such use is prohibited.

However, it looks like there are no filters to prevent torrenting on ZenMate servers. My advice is to use ZenMate for P2P traffic only occasionally and only if you don’t have other options.

Must read: Learn how to torrent safely!

ZenMate review – VPN applications

ZenMate Windows app

The Windows application (as well as the other ZenMate apps) is very simple and it does what is supposed to: connects to a VPN server from the desired location.

ZenMate Review - ZenMate Windows application

After login, choose the desired location (you are only able to select a country) and click on the ZenMate shield to connect. Within seconds you are connected. Nice!

From the My Settings screen you are able to activate the following options (I was not able to find the presentation of these features on the ZenMate site. Thus, they are presented exclusively from my point of view.):

  • EverSecure: It maintains the VPN connection active as long as the ZenMate application is working.
  • Run ZenMate on startup: It runs the app on the OS startup.
  • Kill Switch: It terminates the Internet connection if the VPN connection drops (more details below).
  • DNS Leak Protection: It offers protection against DNS leaks.
  • Enable locations monitoring: It probably monitors the server/location usage.

The ZenMate Windows app uses the L2TP/IPSec protocol. Unfortunately, OpenVPN or other VPN protocols are not available.

Important! I noticed that the ZenMate VPN connections are using the Google public DNS ( Not a very good choice, as the Google DNS is known to keep logs. Other public DNS that do not logs would be better alternatives.

To sum up the ZenMate review regarding the Windows application: very easy to use, it does what is expected to do. However, it lacks OpenVPN and info regarding the available features.

ZenMate MacOS app

The ZenMate MacOS application is similar to the Windows app and basically it does only one thing: connects your Mac to the chosen VPN location. Additionally, you may set up the app to run on startup.

ZenMate Review - ZenMate MacOS app

The ZenMate MacOS app uses the IPSec (IKEv2) protocol to connect to the VPN servers.

ZenMate does not have their VPN app listed to the MacOS App Store. You may only download it from the ZenMate site.

Zenmate iOS app

The ZenMate iOS app is again very simple, but it also offers some advanced features like the AdBlocker, Tracking Protection, Malware Blocking and EverSecure.

ZenMate Review - ZenMate iOS app

The EverSecure (Always-ON) forces the VPN connection to reconnect on demand,  every time the device connects to the Internet.

The ZenMate iOS app uses the IPSec VPN protocol. In-app purchases are available if you don’t already have an account.

ZenMate Review – Android app

The ZenMate Android app uses the L2TP protocol. As expected, it easily connects to the chosen location. Additionally, you may turn ON the EverSecure, Malware Blocking, Tracking Protection functions.

ZenMate Review - ZenMate Android App

If the Always-on / EverSecure feature is enabled and you close the ZenMate app (swipe it from recently used apps), the VPN disconnects for a few seconds, before being reconnected in the background.

Browser extensions and add-ons

ZenMate started as a proxy service run as browser extensions. With millions of downloads and users, the ZenMate extensions are top-notch! You may install them from the Chrome, Opera, Firefox extensions stores.

ZenMate Review - ZenMate Extension - Chrome, Firefox, Opera

If you don’t have an account, you need to create one. Next, you can get started: select the desired location and turn the extension ON. It connects smoothly and provides excellent speed.

The ZenMate extensions also provide access to the following advanced features:

  • Smart Locations (-> Features) – you may setup the extension to automatically connect to a certain location/server when the chosen site is visited.
  • Malware Blocking (-> Features) – when enabled it blocks malicious sites and code snippets.
  • Tracking Protection (-> Features) – when enabled it prevents 3rd party services from tracking you.
  • SmartPrice (-> Settings) – it activates on shopping sites and shows you reviews and alternative offers to the product you’re currently searching for.

Kill Switch

ZenMate implements Internet KillSwitch (the Internet access is completely cut off in case of VPN disconnect until it is manually restored or the VPN reconnects) only for the Windows application. You may turn it on from My Settings -> Kill Switch.

DNS leak protection

ZenMate provides strong DNS leak protection. This can be enabled and disabled in the Windows application, while it is enabled by default on the other apps.

Simultaneous connections/devices

You may use ZenMate on up to 5 devices simultaneously. This should be enough for a medium sized family. If you need simultaneously connection you may create an additional account.

Free trial

ZenMate offers 7-day free trial, but it is not trivial to get one. Here is how I was able to create a ZenMate free trial account. Firstly, I installed the ZenMate Chrome extension. Next, I clicked the ZenMate icon that loaded an activation page from the ZenMate site. After some search I noticed the Try ZenMate Limited instead link from the very bottom of the page (take a look to the image below). Clicked the link, waited for 10 seconds and then created the account.

ZenMate Review - Create free trial account

Note: In order to benefit from the premium free trial you need to verify your email address.

ZenMate review – Pricing

Although ZenMate can be used for free (limited features on Chrome and Firefox), the premium account is the one that offers the most value (good speed, locations, extra protection).

The monthly price is $8.99. If you are happy with the service you may go for the semi-annual plan ($53.99) or for the annual plan ($71.99).

Promos and discounts

If you know someone that is already using ZenMate you may ask for their Refer-a-Friend code. You will get a 10% discount for all plans.

Also, ZenMate constantly runs promotions on their website, like the 44% off from the annual plan that it available at this time.

Are you looking for a VPN deal? Here is a site that lists active VPN promotions. If you know other ZenMate promotions feel free to share them in the comments below.

Payment methods

You may pay for ZenMate services using the followings: PayPal, credit cards, Union Pay, SEPA Bank Transfer, Qiwi Wallet. No Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies accepted.


When you subscribe to the ZenMate service you have 14 days to cancel your account (no questions asked). You will be refunded in the same payment method that you initially used to pay for the subscription, at no extra fees. However, the following payment methods are non-refundable: PaysafeCard, UKash, BitCoin.


The ZenMate team offers 24/7/365 ticket support, but no live chat.

ZenMate VPN review – Performance/speed

You need to know that there are factors that influence the speed of your Internet connection while connected to VPN, factors that are not related to the VPN service, like: the speed of your regular Internet connection (without VPN), the connection from your location to the VPN server, the load of the VPN server (the number of users on the server), the available bandwidth for the VPN server. This is something you need to take into consideration when measuring the performance of a VPN service.

In order to get an idea of the ZenMate connection speed I performed several tests for different locations.

Firstly, I have tested my regular Internet connection and then compared it with the speed of the VPN connection when the ZenMate app was connected to a US server (useful for Netflix streaming). Interestingly, the speed connected to the ZenMate server was superior to my regular Internet connection (no VPN).

ZenMate VPN Review - Speed test - US Streaming

Secondly, I have set the ZenMate app to the UK location (for BBC streaming):

ZenMate Review - Speed test - UK Streaming

Lastly, I tried the connection to VPN server located in Asia (Japan):

ZenMate Review - Speedtest - Japan

To sum up the ZenMate review speed test, I found the performance/speed of the ZenMate servers very good. The download speed was higher (for US and UK) than my regular connection. However, the upload speed was significantly lower.


The ZenMate site looks very nice and simple. However, the technical information is somehow difficult to find. It took me a while to find information regarding the implemented VPN protocols, about the EverSecure or the Tracking Protection features.  The checkout process is simple and you instantly get access to the VPN service after payment.

User reviews

You may find independent ZenMate users reviews on TrustPilot. The main causes of client dissatisfaction are the auto-renewal subscriptions that are not cancelled and the quality of support. However, there are users that are very happy with the service.

ZenMate review – Pros – What I like about Zenmate

Zenmate service is great: simple and effective. Here are some of the things I like the most about Zenmate:

  • Very simple applications.
  • Exceptional proxy browser extensions.
  • Solid and reliable VPN service.
  • It seems to work with Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
  • Good speed.

ZenMate review – Cons – What could be improved

There are several things that could be improved:

  • Live chat support (at least for several hours) should be implemented. Also, support should be faster and more effective.
  • OpenVPN is not available.
  • It may not work in China, Iran, Egypt as the L2TP, IPSec protocols are blocked.
  • Bitcoin payments not accepted.
  • You may not select a server from a certain city or region.

ZenMate review – Conclusion

To conclude this ZenMate review, ZenMate is a service that I recommend to those interested in an one-click VPN service. The apps and browser extensions are user-friendly and you may get started in a matter of seconds. However, ZenMate is not suitable to those looking for more control regarding the VPN protocols and other advanced features.

What do you think of ZenMate? Have you tried it? Would you recommend it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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