Bitcoin VPN

You will find several ways for you to pay for your VPN subscription online. Some of these may be secure, while others are partially secure. Paying through these modes could expose you to online risks and can be a security risk to your payment credentials, or worst-case scenario – can leave you off-guard as you might eventually be at a loss as these cyberpunks hack your vital financial information online.

To afford your secure payment options online, Bitcoin is here to help you all the way.

What exactly is Bitcoin? How does it work?

Bitcoin is a P2P (peer-to-peer) open-source cash system that can be freely used at absolutely no cost to you. It uses digital currencies by way of a decentralized system. The main idea is that users don’t need to rely on any trusted third party or a central server for payment processing.

As it allows for instant cash payments to users situated virtually anywhere in the world, it likewise affords you an apparent solution to do away with unnecessary expenditure. The whole payment program is 100% guaranteed to be encrypted at all times.

The dangers of using credit cards for VPN payment

Paying for your VPN subscription by way of credit cards can make you susceptible to intruders who are eager to peek into your credentials, thus making your online data vulnerable to identity theft and other illicit cyber activities.

What’s more, several VPN users prefer absolute anonymity, exactly what you will not be able to accomplish with your credit card with your name on it and contains all your important personal information.

Advantages of using Bitcoin for VPN subscription payments

  1. Making use of Bitcoin provides you the highest levels of protection as it hides your identity from cyber criminals with the aid of digital signatures.
  2. Bitcoin utilizes blockchain which in turn is publicly distributed database that is apt for reducing double-spending risks. It likewise affords a primary role in confirming online transactions.
  3. Bitcoin functions on a public key cryptography platform that allows users to have a digital wallet with encrypted key pairs. These keys are in turn converted into Bitcoin addresses which are made use of for receiving endpoints for all secured VPN payments.
  4. This peer-to-peer payment allows you total anonymity on the web. The transactions are protected and sent to the appropriate party with the aid of cryptographic characters, which posses no information of the party making the transaction.

Owing to all the rigorous security measures imposed by Bitcoin, they have landed a notch higher as opposed to their other competitors in terms of paying for Bitcoin VPN services securely. Presently, the Bitcoin network was adopted by a lot of people in more than 32 countries the world over.

Bitcoin VPN providers

Most of the VPN providers accept nowadays Bitcoin, some of them through third-party providers (such as BitPay) or directly to their Bitcoin wallets. The checkout process is simple, and the transactions are processed within minutes.

Next, take a look at several VPN providers you can pay with Bitcoin:

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