Child VPNI know we just can’t figure out everything that our child can do on the Internet, as well as on all those different social networks. All the blog posts that I wrote on How-to-hide-ip supposed that the users of the VPN solution are adults. But when I stepped back a bit, I just realized that there’s no big barrier to entry for some teenage or kids to use the same things that we are talking about here. Learn about child VPN.

It’s easy to get a VPN

If we think about it: access to VPN services aren’t that difficult to get. For most of the VPN providers, you can get a one-month subscription and given that most subscriptions are around 10$/month. It won’t be difficult for a teenager to find a way to get someone to pay for it. Well, they already found a way to pay for illegal download website access, some even found ways to get a subscription to pornographic sites. So, why can’t they find a way to do the same for paying a child VPN subscription?

I know that this may seem a bit shocking to most parents, but the truth is: the most internet-savvy teenager has already found a way to pay for online subscriptions. But … 

Why would a teenager try o get hold of a VPN subscription?

Indeed this is a great question. It’s not as if this is a ” forbidden” thing that they’ve been denied access to. But in fact, this can be a tricky question. Parents know that their kids are exposed to all kinds of threats and bad influences over the internet.

While parental control solutions have emerged, it’s always tricky to get continuous control over what your kids are doing on the internet. And given that, as a parent, you would want your kids to have access to common search engines like Google, parental control software won’t block them from finding solutions to overcoming your parental solution… And chances are that some of the solutions would eventually recommend using VPN or proxy sites.

I am not going to quote in this article the how-to and online resources that show how to do it. But, as I mentioned earlier, as long as you have access to Google (or any other way for finding information online, whether it is another search engine, social networks or online friends), then it won’t be difficult for you (nor for your kids) to find their way to knowing how to proceed for overcoming those parental control software via VPN of proxy services.

The bad thing …

Scary? Indeed, it is. I know that on How-to-hide-ip, we’re here to showcase you the good things that can be done with a VPN service, but as it is common with most technologies, it can also be used for other means. The bad thing is that you can’t find a good technology solution that is fool-proof enough so as to get that peace of mind.

The solution …

The solution here isn’t necessarily technological: you’ve got to take that parent hat again and deal it the old school way. But in order to do so, you’ve got to get a grip on how this child VPN or proxy thing is working. And for that, you can browse around how-to-hide-ip articles or even try one of the VPN solutions that we’ve covered here so that you get a good grasp of how things are working in the VPN field.