KryptoVpn ReviewWe recently tested a new VPN service called KryptoVPN that impressed us by its effectiveness! You will find in this article the complete test and a detailed description. Read our KryptoVPN review!

KryptoVPN advantages

KryptoVpn allows you to:

  • To ensure complete anonymity;
  • Avoid that your communications may be intercepted or analyzed by Third Parties (e.g. your ISP);
  • Use of P2P (BitTorrent, eMule …) without risk of being identified! (Servers in Switzerland and Sweden seem to be the best for P2P);
  • Access to all websites, no filters, no blocked ports!  Skype and MSN OK!
  • To have a better protection: KryptoVPN included a small firewall.

KryptoVPN offer also:

  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • Instant activation if you pay by credit card or Paypal;
  • Unlimited Switch between Germany, Italy, UK, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United States!
  • Attractive prices!  (4euro/month)
  • NO LOGS!  The company is located in Seychelles, there are no constraints (unlike HideMyAss which is located in England and 30 days kept logs …) more if you take the server Swedish you are about not having a problem!

KryptoVPN disadvantages:

KryptoVPN also has some drawbacks:

  • No account: You pay, then you receive an email with the software and the OpenVPN certificates made on the fly just for you. Other VPN services allow you to have access to your payment information, invoices, account info, etc.
  • The site is not user-friendly
  • No PPTP or L2TP available, only OpenVPN application.

KryptoVPN Installation:

After payment, you receive the OpenVPN application in a portable version (no installation on your PC, handy when you are going or the office where administrative rights are not necessarily given, or if you do not want to let tracks!).

You can easily find the folder “config”, and for those like me who do not like to run each time the application and prefers to install it permanently, it’s very simple: install OpenVPN and replace the default application “config” file by the OpenVPN KryptoVPN.


To sum up our KyptoVPN review, KryptoVPN is a good VPN service, easy to set up and run! The most important feature of KyptoVPN is that guarantees your privacy and no logs are stored in their databases. Also, KryptoVpn uses the highest level encryption available today with AES 256 bit and 2048 bit RSA. Enjoy!

What do you think about KryptoVPN? Add your KryptoVPN review in the comments below!