Thoughts on Tiered SecurityComputer security is not rocket science and all it needs is just a little time to understand. Unfortunately, many people or computer users rarely have the time or the interest to learn what it takes to run a really secure system. The truth of the matter, however, is that a single program is not a very secure way of protecting your computer. If you only run an antivirus program and believe that you are protected from all of the threats online, then it’s time to reconsider. Learn about tiered security.

What is Tiered Security?

Tiered security is the idea behind an assortment of defenses that cover multiple layers and that ensure that all angles and levels of attacks are taken into consideration. A tiered security system thus has a 2nd, 3rd or even a 4th layer of security in case the other levels are bypassed. Cyber attacks can come from any angle. Unfortunately, there is no one secure system that can provide all-around protection. If you are aiming for top security then a tiered security system that includes different types of utilities is your best option.

With different security systems on a single system, there is always the possibility that they could interfere with one another which can potentially leave security holes. In order to properly implement a tiered security system, you, therefore, need to understand the type of programs you are running and if redundancy is needed to further secure your system.

What to consider?

What are the most crucial levels and angles of protection that a tiered security system must take into consideration? In a nutshell – Real-Time Protection, Firewall, Passive Defense and Immunity, Scanning and Removal.  To avoid conflicts, you can have only one real-time antivirus service and one firewall. Scanning and removal, as well as passive immunization, can have several redundant utilities so that a comprehensive protection umbrella is established. Remember also to pick respected applications that have a reliable security history.

With this little knowledge, you are now capable of building a fairly secure tiered system, at least for your personal computer.