Start Chrome Incognito Mode AutomaticallyIf you are interested in browsing the web without leaving a lot of cached data hanging around after you are done you should try using Google Chrome in Incognito Mode. Learn how to start Chrome Incognito mode automatically.

What is the Incognito Mode?

The Google Chrome browser helps you manage your private information and protect that information when you are online in a way no other browser has done. The different features available in incognito mode are exactly what you need if you are looking remain untraceable in the event that the FBI or your nosy friend decides to check out what you have been up to.

Remember, the Incognito mode does not hide your IP address!

The problem

For those users that want to use Chrome exclusively in Incognito Chrome, it would be useful to be able to start the browser directly.

The solution

Michael T. Bee has written a small script that starts up Chrome in incognito mode automatically. This is very convenient when you are really concerned about your browsing privacy. Of course, you can switch Chrome in Incognito Mode by yourself, but this is faster and more comfortable.

The script, that you can see below, can be pasted into Notepad or another editor and save as a .js file. It starts Chrome, opens a no-cookie, no-tracks-left Incognito window, then kills the first window.

//Chrome_Incognito.js - start chrome incognito
var oSh=new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var liWait=1500;  //wait ms (double on older pc)
var Chrome_HKLM="HKLM\\"+
var Chrome=oSh.RegRead(Chrome_HKLM);
oSh.Run(Chrome); //start chrome
oSh.Sendkeys("^+N"); //start new incognito window
oSh.Sendkeys("%{Tab}"); //go previous(first) browser window
oSh.Sendkeys("%{F4}"); //close first browser window

Find all the details you need on Michael T. Bee‘s blog.

What do you think of this trick? Do you use Chrome in Incognito Mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.