Best Phone LocatorWhen it comes to market share for smartphones, Android out passes by far every competition in terms of the number of shipped phones. Given that those phones are costly, and that they usually contain a lot of personal information, users can’t afford to lose them. If you look at the Android Market, you can find a lot of applications that will help you manage a lost Android phone. The goal of this article is to poll how-to-hide-ip users about your favorite app when it comes to securing your Android phone. What is the best phone locator?

What to expect from a locator app?

But let’s see first some of the features that you can expect from the best phone locator app that will help you track your Android phone should it be lost.

In fact, most Android phone now comes with GPS-feature. This is quite interesting since some applications can report the GPS location of the lost Android. Suppose that you’ve lost your Android phone and that you can remotely plot on a Google map where it actually is. This isn’t sci-fi and actual examples of such situations have already be seen. But this only works if you have installed such apps on your Android phone before it’s lost.

Lock the phone from the distance

Another interesting feature that you may expect from an Android App is the ability to lock the phone, or report to you the conversations happening on your phone should it receive another SIM card. In fact, wouldn’t it be great to be able to track the activities that are one with your lost Android phone?

On the other hand, I’m not sure blocking the phone is actually a good option since there’s a lot of hackers and tools out there that allow unblocking a phone. But anyway, if you know some great tool to efficiently lock a stolen Android phone, feel free to share in the comment section.

If you are more concerned about the data contained in your Android Phone, you may want to remotely wipe the data that it has stored.Personally, I’ll feel comfortable to be able to remotely trigger a wipe of my android phone should it be lost. At least, I can be certain that  I have no personal stuff wandering in someone else’s hand.

At some point in time, you may want to be less pessimistic and hope that the person who may have found your Smartphone is a good guy/gal. But even then, they need to know who/where to send back the phone. Some applications can allow you to remotely display a message on your Android phone giving some instructions to whoever found it about how to give it back to you. You never know how good people can be sometimes.

But how to trigger those apps?

Most of the times, you have to install first the apps (before you lost the Android phone), then depending on the apps, you may trigger the action you expect from the Apps by sending some special SMS code to your phone, or by sending an e-mail to it.

Names like “Look Out mobile security“, “Where’s my Droid”  are often quoted when it comes to addressing the aforementioned issues. Do you support those applications? Or have you chosen to use different tools?

What is the best phone locator app you found? Please share it with other how-to-hide-ip readers so that we can be prepared whenever we lose our Android phones.