I’m going to present a small trick that you can use to find out someone’s IP address. This may be useful, for example, if you are talking to someone on Yahoo IM, Skype, GTalk, etc. and you want to find the exact location (country, state, city, etc.) of that person. Firstly, you need to find the IP address of the person and, secondly, geo-located it. Learn how to get the IP address of someone.

First step: get a link to be sent

The idea is very simple: send a link to someone and, when clicked, record the IP address. MyIPTest.com has automated this trick. Here is how to do it.

Firstly, go to Find / Get someones IP Address” page on MyIPTest.com. You will see there the link you need to send (Link to the person) and the link to the page where the IP address(es) will be shown (Link for you).

MyIPTest - Get IP Address

Make the link look legit

Fill in the Redirect URL – this can be the link of a funny story, a Youtube link, etc. such that the person you are sending the link to will not know that you try to find his/her location. It will look like you share a nice link.

You can use tinyurl.com to shorten the URL and make it more credible.

Send the link

Send the link: copy the URL from the link for the person and paste it on the IM window.

Last step: see the results

Go to the link from Link for your field and see the IP(s) of the person that clicked on the link.

MyIPTest Find IP Address

To find the location, copy the IP address, go to IP Lookup page, paste the IP and press Check it button.


To sum up, in order to get the IP address of someone you need to create a link to be sent. Next, the link needs to look legit and redirect to some nice video or blog post. Afterward, the person needs to click the link and the IP address is recorded. Finally, you will be able to see it and the related info.