Registering to a dedicated IP VPN allows end-users several varied features aside from giving them impeccable online privacy and security as they surf the World Wide Web.

As identity theft and online scamming abound these days, it has been a paramount consideration that users of the web obtain a reliable internet client for their own online security. It will not need any mentioning that the web has become an essential part of our daily lives. Just take note of how often we access ‘viral’ social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These have indeed become part and parcel of our cyber life so to speak!

You need extensive online protection

In an attempt to curb prevalent online threats and cybercriminals, many individuals turn to several online tools they can get such as proxy servers, IP-masking tools, PC firewalls, anti-virus tools, and more. These tools have proven very useful in safeguarding our system against any online threat we may be exposed to while using the Internet. However, bear in mind that these tools won’t give you the level of protection you needed, to some extent – yes, but not 100%!

So, for your extensive online protection, you need to get yourself the best-dedicated IP VPN for your safety.

A dedicated IP VPN is rendered to be the most secure online tool that will safeguard your online data and privacy as it channels them through safe tunnels on the Internet. It will screen out any unencrypted data and allow only the encrypted information to traverse through their secure tunnels. Indeed, VPN is considered the most potent tool ever especially when it comes to online security and safety.

What is a dedicated IP VPN?

Prior to discussing dedicated IP VPN, you ought to know what an IP address actually is. In order to utilize the World Wide Web, each and every computer is provided with an IP (Internet Protocol) address by your respective ISP (Internet Service Provider). It works with your very own unique identity online and aids you in communication with other various computers online.

As you enroll yourself in a reliable dedicated IP VPN service, you will be given an exclusive IP address which will utilize only by you and will never be shared with other subscribed members. This will work to your advantage as the probability of getting your IP address blocked if it’s a dedicated IP will be very unlikely. Therefore, you will only access the services of a server for which you have got your IP address for. To top it all off, you may be allowed access to all ports provided to you by your dedicated IP VPN service provider and you won’t be required to opt for a remote server port forwarding or redirection for that matter.

How does it protect you?

Once you have successfully enrolled to a reputable dedicated IP VPN service, you will be given a dedicated IP address originating from a remote server based in a different country which in effect allows you to browse the Web in complete anonymity using an IP address of a server that you do not own. Hackers and cyber criminals will have a tough time tracking your activities online. Your data shall at all times be protected, plus, you get to enjoy access to sites which you are originally denied access to by reason of your location or ISP.

Enjoy seamless connection wherever you are in the world, bypass internet censorship and restrictions starting today with the help of your dedicated IP VPN account.

VPN ProviderStarting Price
PureVPNfrom $9.95/month
ibVPNfrom $10.95/month

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