BolehVPN Giveaway

This is not the first time that I’m talking about the BolehVPN service, but this time I’ll focus mainly on the easy-to-use client application.

BolehVPN is a VPN service established in 2007 and it has grown into one of the most important VPN providers in South-Est Asia. With servers in the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, BolehVPN specializes in P2P and BitTorrent privacy and anonymity.

BolehVPN Windows Client GUI

BolehVPN has recently launched an easy-to-use client application that saves users from manual settings and other “not so pleasant” advanced configs. I’m going to shortly present the newly launched client app.

After you get the BolehVPN account, go to the Windows Installation tutorial and get the client app. After the installation, you need to run the application with administrative rights (All Programs > BolehVPN > BolehVPN right-click and select Run as Administrator).

Boleh VPN login

Enter the username and password you received upon registration. The configuration files will be downloaded and you will be ready to go. Choose the server location and press Connect.

BolehVPN connect using

Nice and smooth VPN connect. After playing with the client app for a while, here are are several things that I really liked:

  • It’s a one-click Windows application. No unneeded features.
  • It offers easy access to different server configurations: proxied, fully-routed, surfing/streaming, tcp443 (take a look on this page for more details).
  • The speed of VPN servers is impressive (up to 10 Mbits download for streaming config).
  • It shows the in and out traffic through the VPN servers.
To sum up the short test, I can say that BolehVPN team made a very good job with the new VPN client app. It’s is simple and effective. Exactly what a user that seeks online privacy and anonymity needs.

BolehVPN Supports BT Torrent and Bypasses P2P Traffic Shaping

BolehVPN provides a service to bypass your internet throttle – allowing you to download torrents at max speeds, protect your surfing privacy, and bypass websites censored by your ISP.

This is very useful due to the fact that many of the ISP (Internet service provider) around the world are using hardware and software tools for traffic shaping, in order to detect, regulate and throttle torrent/p2p traffic.

Most VPN service providers do not accept P2P traffic, but BolehVPN does. The Malaysian VPN service not only provides standard features of most VPN services, such as hiding your real IP address and bypassing censorship but also encrypts your data connection preventing ISPs from snooping what you are downloading or performing traffic analysis or p2p throttling.

BolehVPN Servers and Packages

BolehVPN has servers that located in United States, UK, Canada, Luxembourg, and Sweden. The US server is for surfing and streaming only. The connections are established via OpenVPN.

The pricing of BolehVPN is:

  • 3 days trial – $1.8
  • 7 days trial – $3.3
  • 1 month – $10
  • 6 months – $41.5
  • 1 year – $78