I guess you’re wondering what the heck that kind of “people” news has to do with our topic on this blog. And I would tell you that it fits into it. Indeed, we’re talking about not being tracked, being anonymous (or at least “leaving no trace” on this blog) and that very popular divorce (while, yet just another divorce in the show-biz arena), has showcased, once again, that one can be “monitored” all the time. Learn about the divorce in terms of anonymity.

Disposable mobiles for contacting the lawyers

Indeed, the “lesson” comes from Katie Holmes as she used disposable mobile phones for initiating the contact with lawyers that will prepare to file the divorce. Hollywood movies have been great at telling us stories about spies tracking their suspects from those suspect’s mobile phones, credit card usage as well as internet usage.

As a lambda internet user, we can initially think that those abilities are only available to the highly-equipped intelligence unit. I’m sure, if you ever watched spy movies, you take it for granted that those intelligence units can triangulate to precisely define where a cell phone is located.

Another classic situation is the geek of the unit who comes by announcing that he’s tracked from his computer that the credit card of the suspect has been used somewhere in the country. Well, I may have watched too many 24hours series (I’ve watched them all eight seasons and miss it). But, as “unexpected” as it can be, reality has just reminded us that those happen. Well, at least, Katie Holmes had some serious reasons for not trusting her regular cell phone. Though she had to have, a friend buy her a disposable one for having private conversations with her lawyers.

The privacy and anonymity of a divorce

What’s ironic with this situation is that, viewed from our point of view, this privacy issue on the divorce of this highly popular couple just reminds us about the movie called “The Firm” that Tom Cruise once played where his character was a promising lawyer that got into a high-end law firm – and that by the end of the day his character ended up in trying not to be tracked. But this time, in reality, his wife thinks that he (or the unit he is part of) is the prosecutor.

What do YOU think?

So, what does this story mean to us, lambda users who aren’t necessarily at the forefront of every tabloid?  Are we safer because we aren’t popular? Does these tracking tools only apply to “high target” people?

Frankly, I can’t tell you. What’s your view on this?

All I can say is that screenwriters are becoming very precise (or imaginative?) about all those “secret tools” that are used to track us. From the series 24hours to the most recent one called “Person Of Interest”- they all mention some kind of “machine” or “system” that allow them to track almost everybody. On the other hand, when talking about our internet sessions, we all know that cookies are everywhere for tracking whatever you do, under the excuse that they are used for customizing your internet browsing experience.

So, is this Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce a story we can relate to as a lambda user?

Share your view in the comment section.