iPad 2 VPN

VPN services have grown to become one of the most in-demand services online. While VPN is commonly set up on a desktop computer or laptop, recent technological innovations made it available on handheld devices as well, such as mobile phones, Android devices, Apple iPhone, or even on a new iPad/iPad 2 tablet. Learn about iPad 2 VPN.

So, you came here to know exactly how you can hook up your iPad tablet to the best VPN service on the web, right? Below is a detailed instruction for network-savvy folks who wanted to start connecting to a VPN and surf the World Wide Web in complete anonymity and safety today.

Setup VPN on your Apple iPad 2

Without further ado, here is a very brief guide to setting up VPN on your Apple iPad 2:

  1. Proceed to ‘Settings.’
  2. Go to ‘General.’
  3. When in ‘General,’ choose ‘Network.’
  4. You will see a link to ‘VPN,’ click and proceed.
  5. Go ahead and add your ‘VPN Configuration.’

The VPN Configuration is the settings provided to you by your VPN service provider.  This is the one given to you when you first enrolled in the service. For instance, it may include one of the following:

Server: pptp.(VPNPROVIDERNAME).com

Important! PPTP is no longer available on the latest iOS version. Here are the alternatives you have.

Account: Your Username or the one you gave when you first registered into the system.

RSA Secure ID: Turn this ‘OFF’ at all times.

Encryption: Set this to ‘Auto’ at all times.

Password: As provided by your VPN for iPad services.

Send All Traffic: Always have it ‘ON.’

As soon as you have your VPN Configuration all setup, you will see the option of ‘Turning Off and On’ your VPN adjacent to where your ‘VPN’ link is written at the ‘Settings’ in the ‘Network’ section. Should you decide to deactivate your VPN, ensure you have your Wi-Fi connection turned off at first. Truth be told, that it is extremely hazardous to remain connected to a Wi-Fi Hotspot with your iPad or any handheld device devoid of any VPN or data encryption capabilities.

Why should I use an iPad / iPad 2 VPN?

At this juncture, you may have asked yourself, ‘Why should I use VPN on an iPad?’ Or ‘What is it for me?’ Well, VPN on an iPad helps resolve various dilemmas long before you even come to know of it, or they show up.

First and foremost, VPN on an iPad protects you from fraudulent phishing and hacking activities that is prevalent over an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

Second, it has the power to let you bypass any internet censorship imposed upon you by reason of law, strict regulations, or merely by reason of your location. Thus, giving you more freedom to access online media content from websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and the whole nine yards!

Third and last, should you be accessing your PC on a remote location via your iPad, you ought to have a secure, steadfast, and robust encrypted tunnel surrounding your traffic to secure your data transfers on the World Wide Web. With VPN on your iPad, you can surf the web anonymously as much as you’d like without fear of leaving behind online tracks which help you save more of your time and privacy away from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider or mobile network service provider as the case may be.

Just obtained a brand-spanking new Apple iPad tablet? Hook it up to the best iPad/iPad 2 VPN services today and enjoy surfing the web now!