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YourPrivateVPNPrivate, secure access to the internet is getting more and more difficult. offers a privacy solution through VPN High-Speed Access using servers located in the Netherlands, UK, USA, and Germany. You are completely anonymous, your traffic is fully encrypted.

All VPN providers offer encrypted communication and the hiding of your IP address. Differences you will find in speed, reliability, and privacy.

YourPrivateVPN main features

We want to focus on the last item: privacy, which is often decisive for many users:

1. YourPrivateVPN doesn’t have a registration process. Your Email address is enough, to get the account information.

2. YourPrivateVPN doesn’t retain IP addresses or any other session logs (IP addresses, time, usernames …) They only log username and total transfer amount, which is separated from payment data. These are stored on the special management server in a different country.

3. They have no headquarters in a specific country. That means no authorities will find the company as well as any data on any computers. The anonymization is complete, valid for all your traffic.

4. Shared IP’s versus dedicated IP’s: the service only uses shared IPs, since we consider a sufficient anonymization impossible with dedicated IPs.

5. Payment can be completely anonymous. When you pay with Ukash, purchasing the voucher with cash, the anonymity is guaranteed.

So give a trial. They offer free and anonymous trials to test your speed.

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