Will Facebook f8 Conference New Products Be Subject to Geolocation Limit Too?

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Facebook f8 ConferenceI just chatted with some friends today about this September 22nd Facebook F8 conference. Sounds like Facebook is aiming to be the next guy in town who’s developer conference is the preferred platform for launching new services. You know, like Apple used to do for launching his Macintosh up to the latest iPad2. All the early adopters are lining up waiting for the “preachers” announcing the long-awaited new product/innovation that Facebook will be launching.

Will Facebook get into the music streaming?

Rumor has it that Facebook will also get into the ring of online music streaming service. With major players already occupying the battlefield, it is expected that Facebook would have negotiated big joint ventures: if Spotify is lining up as a speaker, it is expected a wider integration of this awesome online music service to Facebook’s features. Other great players, like Zynga and Turntable.fm will also join the game.

It is clear that Facebook wants to be a bigger player in the online entertainment field, well at least for music and games.  As if it weren’t enough, they just made the biggest acquisition in the technology field by acquiring Skype a few months ago.

While users are still in expect mode, one can’t help but wonder, if, for some reasons, some of the ventures would just “remain in the box” if we refer to Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed that hasn’t shown yet a major integration change so far.

How does this all relate to this blog’s theme in fact?

Considering Spotify, and other services – we can expect that in the near future, some of Facebook’s features will also be subject to geo-location limitations. As a reminder, Spotify, for example, is only serving Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the US.

It will be more than likely that Facebook’s online music service would also follow this trend. Users from other countries will then add those new Facebook features to the already long list of other services they won’t be able to use without a VPN or Proxy service, this list includes: Spotify, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, … and the list goes on.

As of today, most of those services are relying on Geo-tagged IP for limiting your access to their free or paying offer. That’s where this blog comes handy. In fact, we’ve covered how to access those services on different articles here- and as far as we know, most of the tips given to you on this blog are still valid. Would this ever change with the new services that Facebook will be unveiling during the Facebook F8 conference? Tomorrow will tell us, but I’d be eager to test them for you once they become available.

To sum up …

From the initial information that we have about Facebook f8 conference, it won’t be a surprise if some of those new services would be accompanied by some geographical limitations. If you ever need to be prepared well in advance, I suggest you check the articles about unblocking services on this blog, especially the following articles: accessing Spotify, unblocking Hulu by using a VPN, renting a movie from Android market. In fact, you get the idea: having a VPN solution would be the best bet to access those services.

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