Lately, I have been asked questions about the importance and usage of VPN services. VPNs are a good option in cases when either your IP address is blocked or in cases when you don’t want to reveal your identity on the Internet. Let’s face it, we got to hide ourselves and our activities at some point or our lives. This is when the VPN becomes super important. Learn why you must use a VPN.

Although, there will be numerous advantages when it comes to using VPNs yet I will list down few over here so that you guys don’t get bored with the huge content. I will try to come up with the second part of this article soon. Also, your comments/suggestions will be included in that article (with proper credits) so keep them coming. 😉

Enjoy U.S. based services outside the U.S.

Yeah! There are plenty of U.S. based services that work only for U.S. based IP addresses. Those sitting outside the U.S. can only read about such services on third party websites and cannot use them. This is when VPNs come to rescue. Using VPN one can easily enjoy such services outside the U.S. as most of the VPNs use U.S. based IP address.

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Access Forums That Have Banned You

Usually, it’s not you who is banned from a forum rather, it is your IP address (along with that particular account of yours) that is banned from a forum. This is when must use VPN services come to rescue. While surfing the same forum via a VPN network, your IP address will appear to be something different from your original IP address and this is when you are ready to rock. Surf the forum without issues (you will require a new account though).

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Download Torrents and don’t get caught!

I know a friend who had to pay a $10k fine along with his Internet connection just because he had download a pirated movie using torrent. If he had used some of the best VPN services, then his original IP address would never have been visible to authorities and he would have saved $10k (it’s a hell lot of money, right?)

2 creative ways to use VPN Service

I guess I did well to wait for the weekend to be wrapped up before I compile this article. I got the chance to read Heryzo’s 2 creative ways, and I must say they are really very much unique. Sometimes, it is your daily lifestyle which helps you innovate new ways out during problems, and this article is just the same. It gives you a brush with your daily problems and how you can tackle those with the help of VPN services.

Download Files Without Waiting

I am sure we all have been through roadblocks where a website would ask us to either register to download our next file or wait for XX minutes to download that file. These websites track your IP address and block it for XX minutes to force you to register. The best that you can do is either restart your Internet Connection (if your ISP gives you dynamic IP address) or otherwise, you must use VPN service to hide your IP address. No more wait times while downloading nulled themes or cracked software 😉

Avoid Tracking

You know this, right? The moment you are up to something suspicious on the Internet, then you are inviting authorities to grab you. Although it depends on the intensity of your activity before they actually think about catching you. With a VPN service you can hide your IP address even from your ISP (if your VPN service is really good) and that helps you surf the Internet anonymously! Go crack the whip and spill some blood. Nobody will ever know if it was you.

Avoid HotSpot Sniffing

With the advent of Wi-Fi technology, Hot Spots have popped up in almost every busy place on this planet. Airports, coffee shops, and hotels have Wi-Fi hotspots, and we are happy to use them. Recently, hackers have used such Wi-Fi hotspots to hack into various other computers using the same Wi-Fi. This is when a fake IP helps a lot. You are safe if you cover yourself with a VPN service. Nobody will be able to track if you are even present on that Wi-Fi.

Best VPN Service Helps in Different Ways

Best VPN serviceThere are zillions of Internet users out there on the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly technology has eased down our life. The internet use is essential for office work as well as Individual work. The usage of internet is so essential in our walk of lives that intervention in it can’t be tolerated.  VPN is such a superb technology that protects internet users from hackers and protects corporate memory. Best VPN service allows you to surf anonymously and allows you to access torrent websites.

Key features of best VPN service

Accessibility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility these are some of the key features VPN providers must provide to their customers.  Torrent Websites are often banned due to several issues such as fast downloading (This hurts ISPs (Internet Service Providers)), best VPN service allows users to access to torrent websites where they can easily download free movies, songs, textbooks, etc.

The best thing about VPN is that information is transmitted between two devices, and these information packets are encrypted at one end and decrypted at receiving end. It allows you to work with the free mind and takes away the tensions of hackers. This also increases efficiency and productivity when employees of a company work with a piece of mind.

Unblock restricted websites

Other than companies when it comes to individuals, they also face many issues with Internet censorship such as you can’t access Hulu, Netflix and BBC I player if you are not a local citizen. Similarly, if you are living in China, internet life is even tougher. No one can access YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and you don’t have the luxury to download your favorite files through torrent. Torrent VPN providers understand this need of the users and allow them to surf with the free mind.

Now the question arises how you can select the best VPN service? To answer this question, one must need to identify why he would need a VPN in the first place? A good strategy is to list down the features you want from a VPN and then search the VPN service providers accordingly.

Top VPN providers

Depending on what you need to do with the VPN there are several good VPN providers you can choose from. Here are my favorites:

Finally, you may check the following list for active best VPN promotions.

Back to you: do we must use VPN?

I am sure that you guys have much more uses of VPN and I would love to know them. I will include them in my upcoming articles with proper back-links 🙂