Here on How-to-hide-ip, we’ve dealt a lot with different VPN solutions. In fact, we are a community of users and we are sure there’s a lot of solutions that our readers are using. While, as authors on this blog, we have our own preferences, it’s also good to hear from you on your preferred solutions – through this simple survey. So, what is your favorite VPN solution provider?

Favorite VPN Solution

Favorite VPN solution – survey details

On the survey itself, we’ve added a question about your location: indeed, we are dealing with VPN as a solution for overcoming geo-limitation, and this question just makes sense since it will tell us how spread VPN solutions can be.

Please note that, on the question about your preferred VPN solution, we’ve added a “comment” section so that you can tell us why you prefer one solution compared to one another.

No personal info required

Feel free to answer the survey so that we have a better understanding of what you are actually using. You would notice that some questions are mandatory, we’ve also taken into consideration the fact that some of you may not want to share personal information (name and e-mail for example), so we’ve left those “questions” as optional. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer those two questions (even though we’d love to know you more 🙂

So here is the survey, feel free to have other people take it- the more answer we get, the better 🙂

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