What Is Scroogle? Search the Web Without Worries


Update: Scroogle is no longer available. You may look for alternatives.

Scroogle is Google search proxy which prevents the searcher’s data being stored by Google. Scroogle also gives users the option of having all communication between their computer and the search page be SSL encrypted.

Google keeps a history of … everything

The source code of this service was released in 2005 that will disguise your internet address when you run a Google search. Public Information Research, Inc, who also runs Google Watch has released it to the public. Every time you search on Google, they keep a history of everything. They keep it until 2038! The Scroogle only keeps it for 48 hours and never saves your cookies.


Search without worries

Scroogle is a plug-in you add to your internet browser and it becomes your secret search from then on out. No more, will anyone know what you’re searching for and you’re able to search without being bugged by all the advertisements. With Scroogle, you will search without the worries of someone knowing what you are searching for and to top it off they don’t bother you with ads! Hiding your IP address is a must for some people while others it doesn’t seem to bother them.

Many people feel like they are letting the world into their lives when they go on a computer. They know where you go what you do and what you watch, all without you even knowing it. Kind of scary isn’t it. You can now use all of Google’s nifty search tools without any of your personal information being collected by them. He doesn’t save the results and deletes all his logs every week to maintain your privacy. It leads you to think about being on the internet. There is always someone out there that will help you hide something, somehow.

There are many sites you can visit that will tell you about infringing on your privacy. Others will tell you how this ‘Scroogle is wrong and shouldn’t be used because it infringes on ‘Google’ site. No matter what you do or how you do it someone will be mad or complain about it. It’s a ‘have your cake and eat it too definition. It is totally up to you whether you want to use it or not. Depends on why you need to hide any of your searches, to begin with, I guess. It’s free to top it off and it’s less work you have to do to hide anything you need to. I see it is still up and running so they haven’t been stopped yet!

Happy Surfing!

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  • anonymous Jan 4, 2010

    All good reason to Donate to Scroogle since he has to pay for the site to keep it running. There is a Donate button on the web site.
    A Happy Scroogle User
    Happy 2010.

  • Mike Feb 15, 2010

    Does anyone know how to disable the automatic fill-in in Scroogle?

  • james Jan 28, 2011

    i used scroogle but when i use whats my ip website it still knows my ip address so does that mean it doesnt realy block it?

  • Lynn Jul 23, 2011

    I kept hearing about Scroogle and had no idea what it was. Frankly, I didn’t bother to find out until now. Right now I don’t see a reason to hide my searches, but I am fairly new at internet marketing. Looks like I need to look into this some more and understand the pros and cons before I decide to use it.

  • Rich Mar 10, 2012

    Anyone know what happened to Scroogle? The site has been down for about a month now & I miss it. Are they working on getting it back up and running?

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