Circumvent IP Restrictions While In the UAE and Watch US Netflix Today

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How to watch US Netflix todayNetflix has evolved to become a household name for providing US content streamed straight from your PC or high definition TV right from the comforts of your own home.  The enticing element with Netflix is the sheer volume of content that’s easily made available to you in just a simple click of a mouse. But not when you’re from the UAE. Unfortunately, Netflix has blocked access from countries outside of the USA including UAE. Learn how to watch US Netflix today.

Netflix is mainly available in the US

On the other hand, Netflix is mainly available in the United States. From here you can access the blockbuster movies, the best titles, and the hit TV series of all time! Not too long ago, Netflix made it available in the Latin America and Canada, along with some projected idea of expansion on select few countries by 2012.

While Netflix may eventually become available in your country, there is one downside to it. The crux? That the main US Netflix shall remain the best hub for updated content and the greatest titles available. To put it succinctly, the stakes are indeed high that you may access the local version of Netflix in UAE in the long run, yet you might still want access to US Netflix!

At this juncture, in case you are attempting to gain access to US Netflix while in the UAE, you will surely be prevented from doing so. Nevertheless, in this post, I will reveal to you an easy way to circumvent this restriction and let you watch Netflix US media to your heart’s content wherever you are in the world!

You need a US VPN service to watch US Netflix today

Basically, you will be allowed entry if you are browsing from a particular US location. However, if you are in the UAE, you will have to pretend to be by redirecting your online connection prior to accessing Netflix. You can easily bypass this restriction with the aid of a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

Every time you connect to the web with the help of a VPN, it will seem as if you are physically situated in the same location as the proxy server where you are connected. Say for example if your VPN server is situated in the US, you will obtain access to websites that only people from the US may have access to.

Now, it’s time for some VPN service shopping on the web! Be sure to check end-user reviews for cost, quality, and uptime guarantee. When you have finally opted for one, sign up for the service, then you install a VPN client in your pc or laptop where you can conveniently choose the server and location you wanted to connect through. With the VPN client, you may easily test various locations to ascertain which ones offer the best speed and video quality for your Netflix streaming pleasure.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to a VPN service and watch US Netflix today even in UAE today:

VPN Provider Starting Price
HideMyAss from $11.52/month
ExpressVPN from $12.95/month
HideIpVPN from $5.95/month
ibVPN from $4.95/month
NordVPN $10.95/month
PureVPN from $9.95/month

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