How to Watch BBC Live Streams If You Are Not From UK?


Here is a question I have received today:

Watch BBC LiveQ: BBC Radio usually switches their Liveatreams off during live coverage of sports events: “UK only”… (I’m from Germany). I have been looking in several forums and on several websites how to get an IP address from the UK, but I didn’t find an answer :-( Now I downloaded I program called “Ninja Surfing”, but it doesn’t work as it does not find an IP address when I select UK. Can you help? Would be great!

A: As you know already, you need a UK IP address. To be more specific you need a proxy/server located in the UK.

Get UK IP with proxies

You can find such proxies on sites like Proxy4Free, or Xroxy. These are open proxies that you can you free of charge. If you don’t know how to set up your browser how to use such proxy make sure you read: How To Hide Your IP While Browsing Using Firefox or How To Manually Change Your IP Using Internet Explorer.

The bad news is that most of these proxies won’t help because they are used by a lot of people and they are quite slow.

Watch BBC Live using VPN services

A better solution would be to get your own private proxy or get a VPN connection to a server located in the UK. HideMyAss, HideIpVPN, ibVPN offer such services. They are not free, but it is for you to decide if it worth or not.

Other tools to watch BBC live

As you said, you have tried “Ninja Surfing”. Maybe you should try other products as well. Take a look at our list of recommended products. Some of them, like Invisible Browsing (in Advanced Mode), IP Hider, etc. allow you choose your location and filter the available proxies by country.

I hope this answer will help you. Don’t hesitate to ask me more questions about hiding or changing your IP address! Happy Surfing!

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