Boxpn Giveaway: 10 Exceptional VPN Accounts [Updated]

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Boxpn giveawayThe second giveaway of the month, after the BolehVPN accounts, consists of a Boxpn giveaway: 10 exceptional accounts (see the description below) our readers. But, firstly, a short presentation of the Boxpn VPN service.

Boxpn is a Turkish VPN service founded in 2010 with a large server network in USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain and Singapore. It offers unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth, all for $5.99/month.

Boxpn overview

The setup of a Boxpn VPN account is standard and easy for all the available protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP). No installation needed.

My two cents

I have tested Boxpn for a while and I was impressed of the following features:

  • The speed of the UK servers (10 to 15 Mbps) – Wow! – The other servers are also fast, but the UK servers were simply wonderful 🙂
  • The extra anti malware filtering add-on that keeps you safe from any malware, spyware and viruses. Also it blocks phishing sites. The filter adds a layer o security to the VPN standard features. Great!
  • The 30 day moneyback guarantee. This is one the most generous guarantee in the VPN market!
To sum up, Boxpn is definitely worth a try.

Boxpn Giveaway (10 accounts for 3 months each)

Boxpn gives away 10 excellent accounts for How-to-hide-ip readers. Each account is valid for 3 months from the activation time and they will have the anti malware filter option activated. In order to be eligible you need a leave a comment below (make sure you enter a valid email address) and answer the following question:

“What do you think about the anti malware filter?”

Winners will be chosen randomly using List randomizer from those answering the above question. All the winners will be contacted via email directly. Contest closes at 11:59 am GMT on July 2nd 2012 and the results will be published here, in this post.

And the winners are:

Boxpn giveaway winners

Finally, the winners will be contacted by email. Enjoy!

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30 comments… add one
  • Nikita Biserov Jun 30, 2012

    I think this is an interesting option, which had none of the VPN-operators are not provided. But still, it does not replace antivirus program on your computer. I used to use to protect against malicious software bundle “browser Chrome + antivirus.” Well, if protection against malicious software has become even better, because VPN-operator!

  • sam Jun 30, 2012

    wow!!! Great to see that anti malware feature.
    Atlast an product came for me.
    Please count me in.

  • Ghost Jun 30, 2012

    Thanks for campaign..

    I’ve used previously. Anti-Malware feature is a very nice feature that must be present.

  • Quoc Vuong Jun 30, 2012

    I used. It is great!

  • Antanas Jun 30, 2012

    Anti malware filter is good extra security…what’s the point to use VPN if you can get tracked from inside by malware,right?:) and it’s also good that this filter blocks phishing sites! Count me in!

  • Alf Jun 30, 2012

    For Windows it is probably great to have a malware filter.

  • Emma Jul 1, 2012

    For internet surfing,anti malware filter is very useful and important.

  • Jeff Jul 1, 2012

    Please Count Me in.

    I would prefer the VPN provider let me take care of any malware myself.

    Have a good Day!

  • alicerw Jul 1, 2012

    It’s a plus if VPN services added an anti malware filter. Users will feel more secure when browsing the internet.

  • marco Jul 1, 2012

    this is a special option wich is really very interesting
    I ‘d like to try it
    i know hideipvpn, ibvpn & bolehvpn working very well

  • mpaf Jul 1, 2012

    count with me
    anti malware is good

  • mezigue Jul 1, 2012

    I need anti malware protection on vpn tunnel
    how can try it???

  • paul antoine Jul 1, 2012

    I want to win vpn with antimalware tryout account please

  • Oleoduc Jul 1, 2012

    gimme 1
    anti malware seems very usefull

  • Alex Jul 1, 2012

    I think that is an excellent addition to the security of your personal data. Thanks for this nice contest and thanks for this chance! Regards.

  • john doe Jul 2, 2012

    count with me please

  • brasilian guy Jul 2, 2012

    what a good giveway!!!
    thanks a lot!!

  • Jo Jul 3, 2012

    Its just an exellent feature. I want to try this VPN plus optional security enhancement. There should be more of these augmentations available to prevent phishing and malware attacks to further secure online activity.

  • coco beloeil Jul 3, 2012

    I would be very happy to win

  • more vpn Jul 3, 2012

    one vote

  • denya Jul 6, 2012

    and when key will be sent to winner?

  • brasilianguy Jul 6, 2012

    HI thanks!
    but…i have nothing in my mail

  • Ron T. Jul 9, 2012

    Anti malware is a blessed feature and should be a standard one. Hope to win.

  • brasilianguy Jul 12, 2012

    I’m still waiting for the prize….
    : -(

  • HideIP Admin Jul 13, 2012

    I just received an email from the Boxpn team and there was delay in the account processing, but they will send you the login info in less than 24 hours. Enjoy!

  • denya Jul 15, 2012

    but i didn`t get lisenc still

  • alicerw Jul 17, 2012

    Has the license already been sent? Because I still didn’t receive it in my mail.

  • denya Jul 20, 2012

    when i `ll get lisence?

  • Antanas Jul 22, 2012

    Haven’t got any email also…

  • denya Jul 25, 2012

    thanks i get my subscription

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