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VPN Console-ConnectLamnia, one of the well-established UK VPN providers, has recently launched an interesting console box meant to create a secured wireless network in your office or at home. The box, called VPN Console-Connect, comes with Lamnia VPN pre-configured such that you can easily connect to UK servers.

Why is VPN Console-Connect useful?

Primarily, the box allows multiple user connections and it’s ideal for those that own a Apple TV, Wii, Xbox, PS3 or other devices that are not VPN-ready.

Thus, by purchasing a single Lamnia VPN account you and your family can connect from all devices in the house. Great feature!

As you probably know, game console can easily connect to online video streaming sites like BBC iPlayer. If you are leaving outside UK, the Console-Connect is an excellent tool to unlock UK restricted sites.

Moreover, the box comes pre-configured ready to plug and play. The upgrade or re-install process (if something goes wrong) is very simple. Send an email to the support team, they provide you the new settings, save save them to the USB Key (provided) and plug into the box. VPN Console-connect will automatically install new settings and reboot ready to go.

Plans and pricing

The box is quite expensive (at least for most of us):

  • Console-Connect Unit Only – £139
  • Console +12 Months Shared VPN – £199
  • Console +12 Months Dedicated VPN – £249


To sum up, the VPN Console-Connect looks promising and it may be the ideal solution for those in need for multiple connections from the same location (most of the VPN providers do not allow multiple connections) and also for those interested in unlocking UK restricted channels on game consoles. Enjoy!

Do you know other similar solutions to connect your devices (Apple TV, XBox, PS4) to the VPN? Do you use your router? Feel free to let us know your findings in the comments below!

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  • Lamnia VPN Jul 17, 2012

    Watch this space for a Console Connect for under a hundred pounds!!! We are aiming to provide a Console Connect with the spec to manage 3/4 VPN connections at once as well of course as wireless and ethernet connections.
    Obviously not with the power and spec of the original but will do the job of its big brother for those only needing limited domestic usage.

    Follow laminavpn on twitter for latest news and release dates

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