How to Unblock US Netflix Access On Apple TV

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Unblock Netflix US Apple TVYou may have heard of the new Apple TV being launched not too long ago. One of the most noteworthy features on your new HDTV is the integration of Netflix that lets you stream away utilizing your new flat screen in the most convenient yet trendy way. Should you be living in the United States you can stream in no time, the problem begins if you are residing outside US, Europe, or in Asia where your access to the popular streaming media is blocked. Learn how to unblock Netflix US Apple TV.

Bypass Geo-restrictions and access Netflix

Fortunately, we have a way of bypassing Netflix’s stringent requirement that viewers be based in the US. What we need here is simple – VPN. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and this allows an individual to connect to a remote server that will work as a buffer between you and Netflix. In case the VPN server is situated in the USA, Netflix will assume you too are situated in the US and will allow you to stream any Netflix content instantly.

With a VPN connection, you can have access to Netflix for peanuts and enjoy streamable content and titles that are available solely to US residents only. You can check the following list of quality yet affordable VPN services that will allow you to connect to several servers all over the globe!

Provider Price Bandwidth
HideMyAss $11.52/month Unlimited
ibVPN $4.95/month Unlimited
PureVPN $10.95/month Unlimited
NordVPN $11.95/month Unlimited
PrivateInternetAccess $6.95/month Unlimited
IPVanish $10/month Unlimited
ExpressVPN $12.95/month Unlimited

The good thing about Netflix is you don’t need to have an American issued credit card to be able to sign up for an account. Ensure though that you make use of a five (5) digit zip code and you may just use any valid credit card you have.

Hook Up Your Apple TV To VPN

Now, that you have obtained your personal VPN account, and you are all set to go. However, the problem arises because your new Apple TV does not have a VPN client tool to hook it up online. So, what is your remedy? In order for you to connect to a VPN client, you must do it outside the Apple TV.

The best way to unblock Netflix US Apple TV is to get a wireless router that can connect straight into any VPN services online. This can be tricky because not all routers can connect to VPNs. You should choose a DD-WRT router that is simple to configure and setup your VPN. Log on and once connected to the member dashboard of your VPN client, follow these instructions below.

Make sure you have your Apple TV location configured and preset to the US from the settings so that Netflix app will turn up once connected. Certainly, you will need the same configuration settings so you can stream from outside the USA on your Apple TV2. Every time you sign in to your Netflix account from your computer, be sure you are connected to your VPN account as well; this is to ensure that your signup will work. Netflix will automatically check on your location for the last step, and once it detects that you are not based in the US, your entire signup will not work. That’s it! You are all set and can stream away Netflix on your new Apple TV 2  24/7 even if you are in Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, or Finland.

Should this technique work for you to unblock Netflix US Apple TV, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below and don’t forget to share this information to your friends and loved ones! 🙂

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    For accessing US Netflix you have to use a VPN

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