If you have been glued to the boob tube lately, you may have heard of the American TV series from HBO, the Game of Thrones.  The show is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland; however places like Croatia, Iceland, and Malta had been added. Learn how to unblock Game of Thrones on HBO outside the USA.

Unblock Game of Thrones outside USA

It was first aired the last 17th of April 2011 in the United States. A couple of days later, the series soon picked up for the second season which began airing last April 1, 2012. HBO, the producer even mandated the production of the 3rd and 4th season to complete the third novel ‘A Storm Swords.’

The Game of Thrones has been a great success among various followers and critics alike. It was even nominated for a lot of awards a few of which consists of the –

  • Primetime Emmy Awards
  • Best Television Series (Drama)
  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Golden Globe Awards

Nevertheless, since the program is produced by HBO, the airing of the series is restricted to USA residents only. Much to the dismay of other avid viewers, who are keenly waiting for the series to be broadcasted in their own country. If you want to view Game of Thrones outside the USA, do not fret as there is still a way to bypass the HBO restriction.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions With VPN

The block is basically due to the detection of your IP address which discloses your actual location in the globe. The remedy is simple, do an IP switch with the help of Virtual Private Network or VPN. This is a simple software which allows one to connect to a server. Upon the establishment of a connection, you will obtain a brand new IP address depending on your server location.

Hence, your browsing activity is made private, and nobody will be able to ascertain your genuine identity.

Guidelines: How To Get and Use A VPN

  1. Pick a provider from among the many US servers available.
  2. Install the software and configure it on your pc or laptop.
  3. Select a US-based server in order to switch your IP address.
  4. Get started and enjoy watching Game of Thrones.

Good VPN Providers to Unblock Game of Thrones Outside USA


Your Virtual Private Network empowers you and grants you access to websites where you may be restricted from viewing or accessing by reason of your geographic location. VPN will give you the power to bypass these blockades and enjoy viewing any stream-able media you prefer. Bypassing these restrictions allows you entry to a lot of great entertainment sites out there like Hulu or Netflix for starters.

Enjoy complete privacy and anonymity as you watch the much-awaited Game of Thrones on HBO today!

How do you unblock Game of Thrones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.