How to Read Blogger Blogs Inside China

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Users have not been able to access Blogger inside China since 17th of May. It seems that this censorship measure from the Chinese government is related to the day (4th of June, 2009) when the world will mark the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident. Learn how to unblock Blogspot.

Blogger banned - Unblock Blogspot

Here are some methods to overcome censorship and be able to access Blogger blogs from China:

Use Google Translator

Open Google Translator, type the address of the blogspot blog you want to read and select Chinese to English from the language drop-down.

Use web proxies

Find a web proxy that is not blocked, type in the blog name and it should work.

Use free hide IP tools

By changing your IP address you may bypass the governmental filters. You may try Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf.

Use RSS Readers

Open any news aggregator like Google Reader and subscribe to the blogger blog RSS by typing or in the URL field. Then you’ll the content because it is served from the feed server cache, not from Blogger’s server.

Use Email Services

Go to FeedBurner, type in the blog address and after you verify your subscription you’ll get the posts by email.

Access Google cache

An approach that does not seem to work is the one trying to access Google cache. The cache is also blocked in China.

Use VPN services

Probably the safest method to access geo-restricted content is by using a VPN service. Such a service not only hides your public IP address but also encrypts the Internet traffic from and to your computer. Thus, your ISP will not be able to see what you are accessing. The services that I recommend in order to be able to unblock Blogspot are HideMyAss and ibVPN.

Please let me know if you find out about other ways to access restricted content in China.

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