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In order to be able to unblock BBC iPlayer from outside UK you need to change your real IP address that you use for browsing to a UK address. This can be done using several products, including Anonymity Gateway, as I shown in a previous post: How to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK.

Unblock BBC iPlayer

Anonymity Gateway is not the only product that provides UK IP addresses. There are several others, like IP Hider, Invisible Browsing, Hide My IP 2009, etc. In this post I show how to use Hide My IP 2009 to access BBC iPlayer.

As you probably know, when you try to access iPlayer from outside UK you get a message similar to the one below:

Unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK

Unblock BBC iPlayer with HideMyIP

With Hide My IP 2009 you can easily overcome this problem and watch your favorite shows on BBC iPlayer. The first thing you should to is to download and install Hide My IP 2009. Detailed info about how to do it you can find in this post: Hide My IP 2009 – Simple and Effective way to change your IP address.

The next step is to Start Hiding IP and find a suitable proxy to be able to unlock BBC iPlayer. To do this you have to press the Refresh button several times until you get a UK IP address.

Hidemyip UK IP

Then, reload BBC iPlayer and start watching your favorite show. Simple, isn’t it?

HideMyIP alternatives

If, for some reasons, the HideMyIP app does not work for you there is always an alternative. There are plenty of VPN services that offer access to UK servers and that can unblock BBC iPlayer from outside UK. Here are some of them:

VPN Provider Price
HideMyAss from $11.52/month
ibVPN from $4.95/month
NordVPN from $10.95/month
IPVanish from $10/month
PureVPN from $9.95/month
ExpressVPN from $12.95/month

Proxy, VPN or SmartDNS?

HideMyIP uses proxies to change your IP and unblock BBC iPlayer. As presented above you may get the same result by using VPN services. Or, you may try SmartDNS services. Basically, they all unblock iPlayer but the connection speed may be different. Most of the time SmartDNS works best, but it may depend on your Internet connection.

Are you watching BBC iPlayer from outside UK? What are you using to unblock it? Feel free to share your solutions in the comments below.

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  • meds Jun 19, 2009

    the ip address from scotland is blocked and it the only one it gives you if dont wanna buy it

  • HideIP Admin Jun 20, 2009

    @meds – You could try using Anonymity Gateway. It has 2-3 UK IPs. Unfortunately it has a short trial period.

  • Rob Jul 4, 2009

    HideMyIP works pretty well, have had it for some time with the premium service. However it does not allow you to download from the iPlayer website only to view. There are other IP solutions on the market that offer both VPN and Proxy optinos for the same price as HideMyIPs proxy only solution.

  • Shukri Feb 25, 2010

    Thanks! Now I can watch MI High!

  • Shukri Feb 27, 2010

    can you get viruses through this?

  • iPlayer Abroad Jun 5, 2010

    Seems like an interesting piece of software.

  • Inko Gnito Nov 13, 2011

    Sorry to say, but this Hide My IP 2009 only works occasionally for videos on US sites; it’s very unstable (at least in trial version on my Intel Celeron (1.86 Ghz) notebook with mobile internet connection!)
    Furthermore, when finally getting an ‘UK’ adress, it was lokated in Turkey (!), according to this website ‘’-service!

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